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Monday, January 24, 2022
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Going From Fat To Fab: Weight Loss Motivation

Without the proper motivation, your weight loss efforts will fail. So learn to control your head space and get your motivation working for you, instead of the other way around. You’ll lose weight faster, and with a smile on your face!

Who doesn’t dream about having a more toned core, thinner thighs, less cellulite, and in general a more awesome body? Everyone, that’s who! There are exceptions, of course, but wanting a thinner, healthier body is certainly a common concern in Europe and North America. With the prevalence and abundance of rich, greasy pre-packaged and processed foods has come the scourge of obesity.

The overabundance and convenience of these types of foods, coupled with a more sedentary lifestyle and an obsession for body image has made us ripe for abuse of all sorts, from fad diets to exercise machines and quick-fix diet pills that can sometimes be dangerous.

When you are considering – seriously considering – investing some time and effort into losing weight, you have to start in the right place, and that place is in your head. Why do you want to lose weight? Without the proper motivation, your weight loss efforts, whatever they may be, are doomed to failure. Without motivation, you won’t eat the proper food, go to the gym, walk the dog, or whatever else you have decided to do to lose weight, so it is crucial that you start on the right foot!

Decide on your motivating goals in a two step process, short term motivation and long term motivation. Splitting your goals – your motivation! – in two parts like this will give you something to look for immediately, or in the short term, while keeping your eyes on the ball for the long term.

For example, you may decide that in three years’ time, you wish to run a marathon! That is certainly a noble goal, but if you are carrying 200 pounds of fat, this is a goal that is more likely to crush your spirits than to motivate you! In this example, a good short term motivating goal could be to get used to moving enough to be able to comfortably walk to work, if possible, or an equivalent goal.

Your short-term motivation should be in line with your long term goal, and should work to strengthen your convictions and your motivation.

Many people – not me – enjoy going to the gym to pump iron. Your long term goal may be to become Mr. Universe, but you are going to be disappointed every time you realize that you still can’t bench press 300 pounds. Instead, you should focus on bench pressing a little bit more each week. If you can convince your head that pressing a little more is a victory, then you will be motivated to keep going to the gym and keep bench pressing a little bit more. Very soon, you’ll realize that your goal of pressing 300 pounds is not only feasible, but easily within reach!

Motivation, like most things in life, is relative. It all depends on what you’re comparing it to. By being the master of what’s going on in your head, you’ll be able to decide on your motivating factors. It will not matter if you have 50 pounds extra, or 250 pounds extra. Whether you want to become a runner, a bodybuilder or the next Bruce Lee, or you just want to be healthier to spend quality time with your significant other, you will be able to work towards that goal with a smile on your face every day, and face the future with the confidence of someone who knows where they are going.

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