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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Love Your Food and Lose Weight Without Feeling Deprived

If you think losing weight is all about misery and deprivation, think again. Enjoy your food more than ever as you lose pounds from your body.

You'd think that those of us who love food the most are the ones who would also weigh the most. (You know the saying, never trust a thin cook.)

But that's not quite the case. While it's true that some gourmets are overweight after years of enjoying the finer things in life, most people who want to lose weight eat the same old meals over and over again and, generally, the meals they eat are far from exquisite.

The problem for most overweight people is the sheer quantity of food. A love of piling your plate high and snacking on high calorie junk food and drinks can soon pile on the pounds. It's not usually sampling rich and varied cuisine with fine wines that does it.

You see to love something is also to treat it with respect and true food lovers appreciate food for its taste, texture and presentation. Do you always take the time to experience everything there is to appreciate about your meal?

To truly enjoy food you need to taste it slowly. Almost without exception I have found a link between being overweight and the speed of making food disappear from the plate.  If you always clear your plate before others are finished you may want to think about that.

But then maybe the food you eat is not worth lingering over.

If that's the case, it's not difficult to upgrade the quality of your food. Excellent ingredients are available everywhere without costing an arm and a leg and you'll find simple recipes all over the internet. Why would you put up with anything less than good healthy delicious food when it is available to everyone as easily as any other kind of food?

1. But I Always Eat....

We often inherit our eating habits from our families and end up cooking the same kinds of meals. Or we have a trusted repertoire of a few dishes and rarely venture beyond the usual meals we make.

But there are NO LIMITS to how delicious food can be. Why limit yourself when there is a world of delicious food out there for the taking?

2. I Can't Be Bothered...

It does take a little time and effort to find new recipes but if you are shopping and cooking anywayFind Article, you may as well shop for and cook something delicious and healthy rather than the same old meals all the time. You don't have to completely change your diet - just try a out a new recipe every once in a while to give your meals a whole new lease of life.

3. I Didn't Know....

Maybe you just haven't thought about what you are missing by eating the same foods all the time. You might like the food you have now but if you want to lose weight something has to change.

You can just eat less of the foods you always eat (and sometimes you need to eat a lot less if you have been piling your plate with high calorie foods) or you could upgrade your food and eat modest portions of delicious nutritious life-enhancing meals.

Sometimes people who start a healthy eating plan find that despite their fears they end up enjoying their food more than ever especially if they are adventurous enough to try new recipes and food items they hadn't considered before.

Not every new recipe will be a hit with you but you are sure to find some winners which will enhance your mealtimes for years to come.

If your experience of losing weight in the past has all been about restriction and deprivation try thinking about your weight loss program in a new way. Consider the huge opportunity you have to upgrade the food you eat to include meals you will truly love and which will keep your body healthy in years to come too.

Copyright 2007 Janice Elizabeth Small

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