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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Stress and Fat: Discover the Stress and Fat Connection

Can a pill reduce stress and “stubborn” belly fat?  The answer to this question may shock you and save your life.  Discover the real connection between stress and fat. 

The “diet” and weight-loss industry has preyed on our lack of knowledge about health, fitness, and nutrition for too long.  Since much of the truth has been exposed about the fat-free fad, the low-carb fad, and the food pyramid misrepresentation in the Standard American Diet (SAD), the “diet” and weight-loss industry has revamped its approach by jumping on the “stress factor” bandwagon.

Let’s get down to the truth.  Stress causes fat.  Stress causes fat by chemical imbalances in the body.  These chemical imbalances are related to the body’s pH level.  pH levels above 7.0 is alkaline and pH levels below 7.0 is alkaline.  The body’s a properly pH balanced body is slightly alkaline at about 7.365.  This level of alkaline produces healthy cells.  Healthy cells produce health tissue such as lean muscle.  Unhealthy cells—acidic cells produce fatty acids which produce fatty tissue.

However, there is more to consider.  Where does stress originate?  It originates in the body.  When we have the right nutrients in our biological terrain (inside of our body), life is less likely to stress you out.  Hence, much of the stress we have comes from the foods we eat.

For the average person, 80% percent of what we eat has no nutritional value.  About 40% of the foods we consume are meats and animal products such as milk, cheese, butter, which have nutrients, but these nutrients do not assimilate well in the Human body.  We eat it because we enjoy the way it tastes and because it gives us a temporary sense of fullness.  The other 40% is processed foods such as pastas, breads, canned foods, and frozen foods.  Only about 20% of what we eat is actually raw fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.  This ratio not only promotes anaerobic pathogens, it also causes obesity, nerve damage, allergies, and stress.

The symptoms of stress, low self-esteem, and depression are results of chemical imbalances that often manifests as excess weight. In a vicious cycle, excess weight gain and food addiction contribute to many physical, emotional and spiritual maladies.  However, the source can be linked to biochemical imbalances caused by acidosis.  Again, pH vitality is the answer.   Often times what has been diagnosed as “food addiction”, “stress”, “emotional eating” is the result of acidosis (a highly acidic biological terrain).

Emotional stress can decrease the body’s alkalinity just as acidosis can cause stress.  Why are so many people so stressed?  Well, most people have a pH level of about 5.1 to 6.0.  With an acidic biological terrain such as this, stress flourishes.  The stress stems from the amount of pressure placed on the body to try to alkalize the internal environment so that it can release metabolic waste.

You feel pressure because your body feels pressure.  For example, have you ever tried to work in a junky office with papers piled up on the floor, desk, and in chairs?  In the office, there is dust everywhere and nothing is in order.  There’s hardly any room on the desk for the computer because books are stacked up everywhere and just as you clear a space on the desk…someone brings in five more stacks of paper and covers the desk again.  How much work do you think you would get done in this environment?  How stressed do you think you would be?

The same thing happens in the human body.  When your body has a highly acidic environment, the body feels the pressure.  It needs to alkalize the body so it starts by searching the blood for minerals.  No minerals there?  Well, then the body robs it from your bones.  Finally, the body is able to eliminate some of the metabolic waste.  But, oh no, you just drank a diet soda, ate a bag of chips, and ate 3 slices of pizza. Now just when the body had a little bit of the metabolic waste eliminated, you bring in non-nutritional substances that the body can’t even use to restore itself from all the work it has done to eliminate some of the previous metabolic waste.  You feel that lack of energy so suddenly you crave a pack of Oreos.  The body then gets that “quick” energy it needs.  Therefore, it begins to work from that energy.  It has enough energy to digest the food to help you get through some of your physical activities for about 2 hours.  Suddenly, you’re tired again.  The body has digested the food but much of the food you ate was dead and useless.  It had no nutritional value.  So, much of that food becomes metabolic waste.  And once again, the body feels the stress of getting rid of this acidic material, so it searches the blood for minerals.  No minerals are there; then, it robs the minerals from the bones.  And the cycle continues.  Do we really understand the physical stress the body is under?  Can we see now how aging, weight gain, and stress are inevitable?
And what have we been told is the answer?  A pill is what the diet and weight-loss industry has provided as an answer—yet another foreign substance.  Let’s put the facts on the table.  If what you put in the body is not a fat, carbohydrate, or protein, your body eliminates it as waste plain and simple.  Yes, some water soluble minerals and phyto-nutrients are great supplements but these substances naturally assimilate in the blood stream adding minerals.  To settle the question about herbs, herbs are food with nutrients. Many of the pills on the market today supported by the diet industry are stimulants.  Stimulants only work for a short period of time after which the body becomes immune to them and they stop working.  Have you ever taken a diet pill to suppress your appetite?  After about 6 months of taking the pill, you probably had to up your dosage in order to continue to suppress your appetite.  Quick fix pills carry you the distance with weight-loss.

Moreover, these pills, which have been manufactured to reduce stress and burn fat, contain stimulants that cause heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, and liver damage.  When we lose weight we want to be healthy, fit, vibrant and full of life.  What is the point in losing fat if we lose our lives in the process?
It is time to get the knowledge we need about health, fitness, and nutrition.  We need to learn how the body and food work together as well as the role that exercise plays in alleviating stress and aging.  Give yourself a chance at a healthy and vital life.  Knowledge is power. 

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Carmellita M. Brown, renowned Author, Natural Health Specialist, and Success Philosopher developed pH Vitality with Blue Lotus Living® after 6 years of research in the field of wellness and weight loss. pH Vitality contends that in order to experience wellness, one must practice cellular health. “The cell is the smallest unit of life,” says Ms. Brown. “Every tissue, every organ is composed of cells. If your cells are unhealthy, you are unhealthy.”

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