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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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The Omega Zone Diet and Fish Oil

The Omega Zone Diet and Fish OilIs ... fish oil the magic pill? Dr. Barry Sears claims that Zone diet, combined with daily ... of ... fish oil ... grade"), ...

The Omega Zone Diet and Fish Oil

Is high-dose fish oil the magic pill? Dr. Barry

Sears claims that Zone diet, combined with daily supplements of high-dose fish oil ("pharmaceutical grade"), antioxidants and

vitamins is the passport to a long, healthy and successful life.

The Omega Zone

Diet and specialists' opinion

"Omega RX Zone - The Miracle of High-dose Fish Oil" is considered the best contribution that Dr. Barry Sears has yet made

to a healthy diet. The benefits of fish oil are well-known. Species such as mackerel, lake trout,

herring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon are rich in two kinds of Omega 3 fatty acids:

eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fatty acids have had proven beneficial effects in

complaints such as arrhythmia, high triglyceride levels, atherosclerotic plaque and high blood pressure.

The recommendations of the American Heart Association meet Dr. Sears' up to a point

  • Both the AHA and Dr. Sears recognise the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Both parties tell us that fish is nowadays contaminated with various toxins like mercury, DDT or other harmful

    substances. See the AHA special


  • People with a high risk of coronary heart disease or of high-level trigliceride cannot obtain enough Omega 3 fatty acids

    from dietary fish. They may therefore need to supplement their diet with pharmaceutical fish oil.

Nevertheless, opinions vary on some points.

  • High doses of fish oil are good for health, but the doses Dr. Sears recommends are much higher than those which
    href="" target="_blank">AHA considers to be safe.

  • Dr. Sears warns us to pay attention to what we buy. This is pharmaceutical fish oil preliminarily tested by

    International Fish Oil Standards program (IFOS). The AHA's lab studies certified that all brands of pharmaceutical

    fish oil, even the cheapest, were free from toxins, at the moment of testing. But some of them did not meet the doses

    advertised on the label.

  • Dr. Sears prescribes fish oil capsules for healthy people. The AHA does not.

  • Dr. Sears claims that his fish oil supplements, Omega RX ZoneTM, will prevent and help cure heart and

    brain diseases. THey will also maintain healthy kidneys, immune system, joint movement, maintain cholesterol safe levels,

    stamina, strength, mood and general well-being. The American Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate any of

    these statements;

State of healthOmega Zone recommendationsAHA recommendations
No documented coronary heart disease (CHD)Two point four grams of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (four Omega

RX Zone capsules/ day)
Have two servings of fatty fish per week. Diet must also contain alpha linoleic acid from

flaxseed, canola and soybean oils; flaxseed and walnuts.
Documented coronary heart disease (CHD)Five to 10 grams pharmaceutical fish oil/ dayOne gram of

EPA+DHA per day, preferably from fatty fish. Supplements must be taken only under medical supervision.
High level triglicerides10 to 15 grams pharmaceutical fish oil/ dayTwo to four grams of EPA+DHA

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