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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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What’s Keeping You From Your Healthy Weight Loss Goals?

Are you like so many others trying to lose weight?  You are quite educated on various diet philosophies, know plenty about how to achieve healthy weight loss, and even have done many exercise programs through the years.  But, you are still on the quest to achieve your weight loss goals.  Why, after all this, can’t you stick it? 


Even though nearly 60% of the American population is overweight, results from a recent poll conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston indicate that folks know plenty about eating healthy. However, the results of the survey in comparison to the respondent’s own bodies indicates a huge gap between knowledge and action. Health experts indicate that the difference lies in the fact that many Americans confuse eating some healthy foods with having an overall healthy diet. Some results of the survey include: 56% of respondents acknowledge they are overweight, but their healthy eating habits are based on foods they like and that they think are best for them, 69% said they were careful about what they ate, 87% believe that diet is essential to good health, 38% say they exercise. According to S. Ward Casscells, vice president of the Houston health center that “By default, it’s a question of willpower. They know what to eat, but they don’t always follow through.”

The value of baby steps

“I find this occurrence frequently in my training”, says Jennifer Schaecher, Pilates and yoga trainer and weight loss coach, “People rarely tell me that they eat terribly.  Not that they are lying, but they really believe that they are mainly healthy eaters.  In most cases, there is vast space for improving their dietary habits and overall nutritional intake.  I don’t recommend doing this gung-ho approach a lot of people try.  They get all excited and motivated to lose weight and jump into this rigorous program of diet and exercise.  Two weeks later they’ve gone back to their same old routine.  In coaching clients, I emphasize the use of baby steps.  Baby steps are important because you make these small, incremental changes over time that you can determine are the easiest initial steps for you to take and make a part of your permanent lifestyle.  It’s not glamorous or exciting…like those ‘lose 30 lbs in 30 days’ type offers, but it’s effective and healthy.”

The other issue is knowledge of healthy weight loss vs action.  Knowledge is worthless without action.  Most of the time, people need consistent, accurate, supportive accountability to implement what they already know they should do to achieve healthy weight loss.  People that are willing to admit that they require some kind of support system are already ahead of the game.  When someone is ready to face that fact, and ask for help, that is where a coach or trainer can step in and provide the necessary steps to create an overall, gradual healthy lifestyle.”

Weight loss has become big business.  Everyone is looking for the quick fix, the miracle pill.  The truth is that eating small, healthy meals consistently, exercising regularly, and having positive self-esteem are the true keys to weight loss success.  People know it, but they want to believe in something more, something faster and easier.  Our bodies just don’t work that way.  Often, it is a long journey to a slimmer, trimmer, healthier lifestyle and most people just don’t have the dedication, determination, or power to go it alone.  You can stick with a diet for a couple of weeks, and end up doing more harm than good.  All you did was send your body into starvation mode and actually ended up packing on more pounds because of it. 

If this all sounds familiar to you, consider getting a health coach.  A coach can help you stay on track where a spouse or friend won’t.  A lot of the issues surrounding weight loss failure are mental and you may need some serious remodeling done on your self-esteem structure.  This is one factor sorely overlooked in most diet and weight loss programs.  But you can achieve your goals if you seek out the right help.  Weight loss success is within your reachArticle Submission, no matter where you are right now.

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Jennifer is an enthusiastic, caring health coach who has developed two unique programs to help people understand and overcome their weight loss challenges.  If you have tried every diet gimmick and exercise program out there, and are still struggling to achieve your weight loss goals, perhaps it is time to consider a new approach.  Please visit to find out more.

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