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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Cohesive Gel Implants May Soon Become The Ideal Breast Implant For American Women

The latest implant available for breast augmentation has some very interesting and unique characteristics. Although the FDA hasn't approved the implant for unrestricted use, it still looks to have a very promising future.

The cohesive gel implant hasn't yet been approved by the U.S. FDA for unrestricted use in the United States. However, that fact doesn't seem to be slowing down its popularity. American women are very curious about this new implant, and more and more of them desire to have this implant for their breast augmentation surgery. From the look of early data that's been collected around the world, the cohesive gel implant may be the best implant device ever designed for breast augmentation surgery.

If you're an American woman and you want the cohesive gel implant, your chances for getting it are slim to none. If you want the least amount of hassle for your breast augmentation surgery, you'd be better off choosing traditional silicone gel implants or saline breast implants. Then again, if you're adamant about cohesive gel implants, you should probably visit an FDA approved surgeon that is participating in the clinical trial and express your interest for the implant. Chances are you won't get approved and you'll end up having to choose saline or traditional silicone gel implants. However, there is a small chance you could actually be approved for the trial in which case you'll have to agree to ten years of follow up appointments with your plastic surgeon. As a bonus, the government may reimburse you for the cost of your surgery.

It used to be that saline implants and silicone gel implants could easily be differentiated between by simply squeezing them; the silicone implants were more firm while the saline implants had a more 'water balloon' feel to them. But that's not the case any more. Improved design changes in the saline implant have brought their feel up to par with the silicone gel implant. The new cohesive gel implant has an entirely different feel than either saline or traditional silicone implants. The reason they earned the nickname of Gummy Bear implant is because their consistency and feel very much resemble the popular Gummy Bear candy. Are you curious about how the implant feels in the hand? Buy yourself a package of Gummy Bears, mash them together, and then give them a little squeeze. That will give you a general idea how the new cohesive gel implant feels in the hand!

In regards to cost, the Gummy Bear implant is more expensive than traditional silicone gel, making it the most expensive implant currently available. However, that price could still go up since the FDA has not yet finished its clinical trial on the implant. If manufacturers have to jump through any design hoops the FDA throws at them, the extra research and development costs will eventually be passed down to the consumer.

For most women, a scar of any type is not a pleasant thought. The whole idea behind cosmetic surgery is beauty enhancement and (for some) the attainment of physical perfection. The cohesive gel implant, in this case, is not conducive to the general desires of women seeking aesthetic enhancement. Because the implant is made from a solid mass of gel, it is not as easy to insert into a small incision as the other implant types. Thus, the Gummy Bear implant requires larger incisions in order to be inserted into the breast pocket and therefore poses a greater risk for surgical scarring than either the saline or traditional silicone gel implant.

The cohesive gel implant has some other unique character traits as well. The implants are currently available in only one shape: anatomical. That means they are preformed at the factory to resemble the natural slope and shape of a real breast. They don't come in round form because these implants do not move with the pull of gravity. If you had a round shaped cohesive gel implant, your breasts would appear round like a giant M&M candy all the time regardless of what position your body was in. Basically, a woman with cohesive implants could do a hand stand and the implants would still maintain their natural form because they are immune to the pull of gravity.

To learn more about the cohesive gel implant, you'll need to track down a surgeon that is an approved participant in the FDA's clinical trial. Only a cohesive gel implant surgeon can provide you with the latest information regarding the Gummy Bear implant. Good luck!

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