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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Two Solutions For Reducing Breast Size

Ask the average woman today if she could have any plastic surgery she wanted at no cost, most of them would tell you that they would love to have breast augmentation surgery. Surprisingly, there are some women who want the exact opposite: smaller breasts!

Breast augmentation surgery is the most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world; women everywhere want larger, fuller, more beautiful breasts. Despite the popular desire for having large breasts, there are a lot of women who want nothing more but to dramatically reduce their breast size. Those women want smaller breasts for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, there are solutions for women with gigantic breasts that want them reduced.

When most women think of getting breast implants, they fail to take into consideration the problems associated with having gigantic breasts. The most obvious problem is the manner in which other people (both men and women) interact with large-breasted women; jokes and ridicule are quite common, as well as the assumption that large-breasted women are more promiscuous than smaller-breasted women. The emotional effects can be more than enough for large-breasted women to want to reduce their breast size.   

The physical effects of enormous breasts can be very debilitating for women. Imagine carrying fifty pounds of weight from a chain wrapped around your neck. Basic actions would become difficult; neck and back problems would be inevitable. Now imagine being a small framed woman with abnormally large breasts - her small body structure wouldn't be able to handle the weight and she would experience many physical ailments as a result.

One last potential problem would be finding clothes that fit her body properly. A petite girl with gigantic breasts is going to have a problem finding suits or pant and suit combinations that will fit her body. Large breasts, although perceived as beautiful and sexy by the masses, can cause many wardrobe problems for the women who have them.

There are two popular solutions for reducing breast size. The first is easy to acquire and can be purchased over the counter at most major drug stores: breast reduction pills. The second solution is quite expensive and requires invasive surgery as well as months of recuperation time: breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction pills can be purchased without prescription; they are easy to acquire and relatively inexpensive. However, their cost and availability bring into question whether or not they work! If you're considering this type of breast reduction solution, you should perform extensive research on the manufacturer and its products. Try to find unbiased consumer reviews. And last but not least, visit your family doctor for advice on these types of pills. He or she could potentially have knowledge about the manufacturer or possibly might know an alternative drug that has been proven effective.

The second solution, breast reduction surgery, is a permanent solution to reducing your breast size. A breast reduction surgeon's goal is to dramatically reduce your breast size by removing excess fat and glandular tissue. He may also relocate the areola to a new location. Because of the possibility of permanent damage to a woman's ability to breast feed, it's highly recommended that women seeking breast reduction surgery be certain they are done having children.

To learn more about modern breast reduction techniques, you will need to consult with a licensed, board certified plastic surgeon. For the best adviceArticle Search, he or she should be a specialist in breast reduction surgery (try to avoid going to a surgeon who performs every type of plastic surgery available). Only a practicing plastic surgeon should give you health related advice.

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