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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Can A Woman Be Too Old For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Regardless of how old you are, you too can have breast implants. Older women might be surprised to find out that their age has no bearing on whether or not they're an ideal candidate for surgery.  

At what point does a person feel they are too old to consider plastic surgery? Is there an age limit when it comes to getting a face lift or a breast augmentation procedure? Truth be told, there are no age limits. An eighty-five year old woman can get breast implants just as easily as a thirty year old woman. When it comes to plastic surgery, age has nothing to do with whether or not a woman is an ideal candidate for surgery. While that may seem hard to believe, it actually makes perfect sense: a person's physical age does not necessarily correlate with their 'health age'.

All women want to know they exude a certain amount of sex appeal. For that reason, they desire to have the perfect body, or at least close to it. They will exercise, eat right, and even go under the surgeon's knife if they believe it will enhance their bodily image. Is there anything wrong with wanting to look better or have a higher level of sex appeal? Nothing whatsoever because it really boils down to self confidence. The more self confidence a person has, the more favorable their interactions will be with other people. Plastic surgery is just one method for elevating a person's self esteem, but it's a relatively quick solution that can be had by practically anyone willing to fork out a little bit of cash.

For the aging woman, breast augmentation can restore the appearance of youth and vitality to her breasts. Women in their early thirties start to experience breast droop and sag, both of which will only increase as she gets closer to the age of forty. The easy solution is to either get a breast lift or to get a combo procedure: breast lift and breast augmentation. The combo option is becoming quite popular.

For young women, breast augmentation surgery is usually part of a quest for either perfection or an attempt to balance out her body. Breast augmentation is a great tool for improving a young girl's self esteem and self confidence. While some people might argue the true motivation for a young girl's desire for breast implants, none would argue whether or not her body is healthy enough for an invasive surgical procedure simply because she's in her twenties. On the other hand, some people would wonder if a seventy year old woman could safely undergo a breast augmentation procedure.

The primary factors a surgeon will take into consideration when evaluating a patient's eligibility for breast augmentation is her mental health and her physical health.

When it comes to physical health, the surgeon will ask a series of questions relating to smoking, drinking, drug use, alcohol use, exercise, previous health problems, and any prescription drugs or over-the-counter supplements that she might be taking. The surgeon will be looking for anything that might elevate the inherent risks involved with invasive surgery and the recovery process involved after surgery. If he thinks that her body is not healthy enough to undergo the stress of surgery, he may reject her as a viable plastic surgery candidate.

When it comes to mental health, the primary question that must be answered is: what is her motivation for wanting plastic surgery? The healthy answer for that question is that the patient wants the surgery for herself, to improve her own self image as well as her own self esteem. The wrong answer is for a woman to seek plastic surgery to please her spouse. A person should only seek plastic surgery to enhance their own self esteem; not the desire of a spouse or anyone else.

This article is not meant to be interpreted as medical advice. You should only seek guidance for your health-related decisions from a licensedArticle Search, practicing plastic surgeon. Good luck with your research!

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