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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Shriram Sharma's miraculous expertise in writing involves clarity of thinking words used in his writings are those in vogue in  mundane life, where required he has used advanced Sanskrit language, new terms coined for newer combinations, an uninterrupted flow of sacred sensitive sentiments and his writings that direct our thinking in a well demarcated positive direction. There was one incident wherein a member working in the Brahmavarchas Research Institute came to our Revered Gurudeva  with an article penned by him that attacked atheism.



In future days to arrive we have to showcase to the world as to what shall be the form and nature of a new world. How shall this era change? As time lapses by how shall the thinking process of mankind transform? In primordial times Brahmaji (creator) had wished thus: ‘Ekoham bahusyami’. By and by this wish materialized and similarly we too have harbored a great desire. This is in accordance with subtle divine directions of Lord Mahakal that we must neo create this world. This is the reason why I am writing literature of the 21st century. It is this very divine subtle inspiration that is working behind the veil, while it is compiling various facts, my writings at present and after my death, those fingers that shall continue writing in my vein. You must deeply realize this fact. You must believe that after sanctifying your personality my aim is to make you carry out profound Tapas or spiritual austerities. If you understand this truly all of you shall never veer away from our great mission. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had manifested these above sentiments at that hour when all of us were having a meeting with him. He was giving us all precious guidance regarding various tasks. Today there are hordes of newspapers, magazines etc that merely blacken paper with ink. Thousands of magazines get printed each day but creative writing, creation of literature that greatly transforms an era is lacking woefully. But if we truly wish to know its true form and nature we shall give you a glimpse of episodes and those innermost moments of his writing procedure. After viewing and truly understanding it, the bright humungous form of Akhand Jyoti Magazine shall become clearer in our mental screen.

This is that incident when the entire cast of Scientific Spirituality was being molded in a refreshing new manner. Everyone lauded this program commenced in 1966-67 AD by publishing all this in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. Further the highly intellectual class strengthened the very spine of our worldwide mission via eulogies showered on it. In the years 1977-78 AD again deep cogitation commenced on this topic of Scientific Spirituality. The reason being that it had to be brought within the precincts of an optimal conjoining of Spirituality and Science especially when for experimental research and testing a gigantic and technically well equipped laboratory and library were about to be set up. Keeping in mind the gigantic form and great mission of this endeavor, volunteers there humbly prayed to Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya that in order to create literature on a humungous footing we must make arrangements for expenses involved, contact great writers etc. Via them not only in Hindi language but that we must make plans to get them translated into all other regional languages. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya replied: If a task is of the lofty stature of great Rishi-Munis, brain skills bought with cash can never fulfill it. Hence we ourselves shall have to get readied deep thinkers wealthy with writings full of power of Tapas or spiritual austerities and it is they who shall lay the foundation of Era Neo Creation. It is hence that in the form of an author of 3200 books of gigantic measure our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya could successfully set up such a cast that devoid of any help from other mundane writers however well known, this Akhand Jyoti Magazine not only continued successfully till date but that its future mold also got designed in a prelude like manner at that time. In the creative writing of a deep thinker and an ordinary novelist like writer this is the biggest difference.

When we glance at the life of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya in a bird’s eye view fashion in his role of a writer, journalist, deep thinker etc we understand that writing literature was a predominant part of his Tapas or spiritual austerities. He created All World Gayatri Family via these writings of his. This magazine of his not only was conjoined to high stature inspirations and guidance but that letters written to members by him gave guidance that led to their will power becoming highly energized. He would wake up at 1.30 am in the morning and finish his morning ablutions. For 4 hours then he would do Tapas or spiritual austerities, chanting and worship of Super Mantra Gayatri and then for about 4-6 hours at least daily he would do Tapas or spiritual austerities of writing great literature. This was a compulsory portion of his daily schedule. Even if he was traveling to other places, whether he was on the way somewhere to some local destination, whether he was in a train or attending some program, yet his pious passionate writing never stopped. This great stature of writing was a medium that aided in uplifting human thinking to heights of glory. He handed over such lofty inspirations to volunteers and spiritual seekers dwelling in his midst. Those who imbibed this type of a daily routine, not only managed to sanctify their inner personality but via them a system of great guidance advanced further.

It becomes amazing to note as to how our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya despite lacking all formal high level education could write with such expertise akin to a multifaceted one on subjects not only like Indian Culture, Philosophy, Spirituality, Tattvamimansa, food habits and medical science, physics, society neo creation, ethics, psychology, politics etc but also modern day management based topics? The answer is merely this: Intense self study and self introspection. If we use terminology of ascetics-Fakirs, it can be said thus:

Padhibe ko fal gunab hai, gunabe ko fal jnana.

Jnan ko fal harinam hai, kahi shruti, sant puran.

MEANING: The deep import of reading rests in deep thinking so as to amass true wisdom within and this wisdom must transform into devotion to Almighty God or Bhakti. Whenever all these confluence at one point and that person’s writings march in a well defined great direction, there high stature great literature gets created. Hence say is there anyone that on reading it shall remain uninfluenced by its great inspirations?

‘Kavayaha satyashrutaha’ i.e. a great Rishi is a Kavi and his poetry gushes forth as penning prose and poetry. Their prose is also so nectarine that on reading it, there is a feeling that words are touching the very core of our pious sensitive soul. At its roots sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana are present in its deep recesses.

Let us take a look at one form of his writings:

It could be that Almighty God may not make a person Kubera or God of wealth but when his compassion showers down that person gets the post of a ‘doctor’. This doctor wards off the darkness of spiritual ignorance of so many and by taking their hands in his, he leads them to the eternal world of divine light and bliss.

……………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1982-page 54)


On the one hand the lines above brim forth with sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana but in the example given below a tongue lashing given to brilliant talented people is of such type that they perforce on getting stung thus, head towards the great direction of life prescribed to them:

It is only when brilliant talented people march forward that lay followers follow in their footsteps. The history of world downfall or uplifting has marched ahead only on this track. In other words brilliant talented people are also called cyclones. Depending on which direction they rush forth at a maddening pace in tandem with it right from grass, leaves to rooftops and tress on getting uprooted follow that very direction. No doubt an era rises and falls down but for it the true burden of sins-good deeds is on the heads of present day leading brilliant talented people the world over. Now only one thing needs to be pondered over as to that challenge of contemporary times that has jolted awakened soul personalities by catching hold of their ears, as an answer to it do they wish to retract in cowardice or march ahead with valor.

……………..Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1982-page 54)

By giving an example of our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s writings what we are trying to say is that deep thinkers of the stature of great Rishis at a subtle level via their power of Tapas or spiritual austerities, powerful writings and brilliant speech can showcase all that which this era feels is impossible to succeed in. With reference to this some practical directions given by him to us all appear on our memory screen. These were time and again noted in a diary:

  1. A) Hence forth I aspire to usher in an all round approach to Indian Philosophy. Its new form shall have modern science as its basis. It is spiritual philosophy that the culture of any society is designed. The mandatory aspects of Indian Culture are Viveka or farsighted discrimination and selfless world service that give us the wealth of Punya or meritorious deeds. The difficulty encountered is that this Indian belief is not given acceptance by Western Philosophy. Hence I want to execute that Bhagirath or difficult endeavor leading to lay world public imbibing these 2 ideals implicitly deep within their minds.

……………..DIARY (9-4-83)

  1. B) The ancient era was that of demigods. The culture of Satyuga or the Golden Era was a divine one. We humans are descendents of great human jewels like Rishis and not primordial man called Adam. This belief has now to be placed before the world using sound arguments, logic, facts and scientific proof.

……………..DIARY (11-5-83)

  1. C) The power of human thinking is extraordinary. The urge and will to remain alive has its own special power and is the biggest specialty of human beings. The mold of our thinking stands on the electric current of our inner personality. As long as via Tapas or spiritual austerities etc it is continuously rendered powerful the inner grandeur of humans shall kee increasing.

……………..DIARY (3-6-83)


  1. D) Today all of us must fight and valiantly combat lowly tainted thinking tooth and nail. This then is the biggest war of the present modern era. Today philosophy has been poisoned by humans accepting tangible proof only as the be all and end all of everything. Lest this erroneous mode of thinking is not straightened it shall perforce render man a beast only. It is the prime task of the era’s deep thinkers, to battle it out with this era’s hazard and it has to be executed by Akhand Jyoti Magazine predominantly.   

……………..DIARY (19-4-86)

  1. E) Creativity has its own wave. There was a time in Satyuga or the Golden Era that a monsoon of creative influences showered down incessantly and hence earth was heavenly and blissful. In order to usher in this type of an environment we must churn the psyche of all humans so that perforce they start thinking that era transformation is definitely going to manifest in the direction towards supreme greatness. In the success of this goal resides the success of your self-surrender. 

……………..DIARY (20-10-88)


The above excerpts have been taken from those diaries for the knowledge of respected readers. In this diary again and again, divine guidance uttered by our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has been jotted down. When we glance at his literature journey spanning for 50 years right from 1940-90 AD we realize that like a post man he helped reach this magazine to millions of people in order to churn their thinking process and then reinstate a refreshing new mode of positive thinking. This he did via writing a book ‘Who am I?’ predominating with complex soulful thinking, the art of living in the mundane world, putting spiritual tenets in day to day activities, true religious system so as to educate the lay public, pious entertainment, the nature of ushering in world well being, teachings of Gayatri and its great philosophy so as to help the lay public imbibe it to avail both material/spiritual benefits etc. He always opined that Akhand Jyoti Magazine was a flow of his very life force and it was certainly not a magazine merely written with 3 fingers using a pen. Actually akin to the Matsyavatar (Fish Incarnation) this magazine got amplified. In it he first published captions like ‘Not news but I have brought heaven for you all’ and the total number were only 250. Today it has reached more than 0.4 million in Hindi language and the same number in other languages like Gujarati, Odisha, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu). In this manner about 8 million readers are reading this great literature. If in spiritual thinking if so many people are taking interest despite it being the Dark Era called Kaliyuga, if on deeply studying it they feel they are lacking something deep within, then this sign is that beacon light of positive philosophy put forth by our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya wherein he says: In reality man is definitely an idealist and ultimately he has to get reinstated in this very original nature of his.

His miraculous expertise in writing involves clarity of thinking words used in his writings are those in vogue in common mundane life, where required he has used advanced Sanskrit language, new terms coined for newer combinations, an uninterrupted flow of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and his writings that direct our thinking in a well demarcated positive direction. There was one incident wherein a member working in the Brahmavarchas Research Institute came to our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya with an article penned by him that attacked atheism. The member wrote it with sound arguments, logic and proof. According to this member this was one the best articles penned by him. Revered Gurudeva read it and said: Child! In order not to hurt you although I shall not tear it to shreds but I shall tell you one thing. Without including sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and without giving a proper direction literature writing can be lifeless and devoid of juice. I do not belong to the tradition of criticism for criticism sake and just giving superficial meanings to scriptures. Along with logic and proof sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and compassion too has to be elicited in the reader via our penned literature. Do keep this in mind clearly.

Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who had written the book ‘Companions in solitude’ using poetic style ozzing with sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and via ‘Apno se apni baat’ in Akhand Jyoti Magazine that touched the very core of their soul kept people under him in order to guide them for mission tasks. If any member worked with zeal and sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana he with his divine powers would render such people true experts. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya proved to the hilt that without living such a disciplined life, without imbibing great ideals in life, without harboring deep within the psyche sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana etc even if someone starts writing literature, it shall merely become blackening paper with his pen. Today the world over pollution in public psyche is increasing alarmingly and in the increasing number of locusts eating away good cropsFree Articles, one more (writer) gets added.

By showcasing our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s writing style and mode of language usage as it is we have made a bit of an effort to give a glimpse of that form. He by doing writing based Tapas or spiritual austerities ceaselessly executed an extraordinary mind boggling feat. Whenever the world over literature shall attain the capability to gauge the value of this humungous life bestowing literature penned by him they shall repent a lot that during his lifetime they (other contemporary authors) failed to anoint him as the ‘Vyas of this modern era’.

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