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Monday, November 11, 2019
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Significance of precious gemstones in our life

In Astrology, there are nine planets and each planet is having different impact on various aspects of an individual’s life. Each Planet is either benefic or malefic by nature and also as per their positioning in an individual horoscope.

Gemstones help in strengthening benefic but weak planets in a birth chart and making them reap best results for you. It helps to boost your career, get financial prosperity, romantic happiness, good health and fortune as per the gemstone and function of particular planet in your birth chart. Each planet has its own gemstones and it would be of different quality on certain parameters i.e. own color, quality, cut and carat.

From ancient times, Gemstones are used as remedial and healing powers but before wearing a gemstone, it should be properly energized with Mantras to give maximum benefits to the wearer.

There are different kinds of gemstones for different planets such as –

•    Yellow Sapphire – If you are facing obstacles in your life despite being putting your best efforts, probably your luck might not favor you. Yellow sapphire is a gemstone that is known to enhance your luck & bring prosperity in life. Also known as ‘Pukhraj’, represents planet Jupiter, which is related to luck and prosperity. It is a naturally occurring stone which consists of aluminum oxide with traces of iron. Yellow Sapphire gemstones has various features such as it grants good fame and fortune, education, divine guidance and grace, power of speech and knowledge. It improves management skills, physical and mental strength, eradicates delay in marriage, blesses with child and also cures liver, lung and throat related diseases.Origin- Yellow Sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, India and Russia.

•    Cat’s Eye – Also called ‘Lahasunya’, represents Planet Ketu. The name “Cat’s Eye” came into existence from resemblance to a cat’s eye. This gemstone comes in different colors like honey, yellowish green and black. It is very smooth and heavier than other stones of same size.
Cat’s Eye improves self-control, knowledge, stability and bravery. It attracts opportunities and wealth. It prevents from accidents and enemies. It blesses with new opportunities, money-oriented gains and stabilizes emotions. It also cures heart related problems. Chrysoberyle (Kanak Keth) Cat’s Eye stone has a extremely visual appealing form.
For example- If you are facing loss on financial front, Cat’s Eye gemstone will help in sudden monetary gains.
Origin-Cat’s Eye is found in Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Russia, Brazil, China and Burma.

•    Hessonite – Also known as ‘Gomed’ represents Planet Rahu. It originates from calcium aluminum silicate. Limestone deposits are the usual source of Hessonite. The gemstone takes its chemical composition from grossularite. It is usually reddish orange or yellow orange in color. It signifies success, eradicates anxiety, fear, and rational behavior. It protects from unseen dangers and mental turbulence. It stabilizes life and activates the positive energy. It also helps to cure diseases like stomach problems, epilepsy, mental disorder, leprosy, etc.
For example- if you are feeling mentally disturbed and stressed, Hessonite gemstone will help in overcoming these issues.
Origin -Hessonites are found in IndiaFeature Articles, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

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Mr. mark smith sir is a prominent writer in Cyberastro. He is specialized in writing for astrology field from past several years. With his creative skills and good understanding about gemstones & their astrological significance for vedic astrology his writings are truly informative & let you explore more about topics.

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