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Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Getting the best deal on mobile phones

When people get a mobile phone contract they seem to buy the phone and not give much concern to the contract , this can be a dreadful mistake. Handsets have short-term appeal, the new must have ,Sony or Samsung will be yesterdays news in 6 months time but you will be tied in for a good year or in some cases, you will be in a 24 month contract, last years new toy will be next years brick.

So many contracts

Choosing the right package is sometimes confusing the gut reaction is to go for the cheapest. This is often false economy and over the long term can end up costing you a lot of your hard-earned money. Calculate how many texts you send a month and how many minuets you talk for and then increase those by 25% to give your self a good buffer making sure you donít go over your allowance. I know some people use the phone differently month by month and one of the best packages for this is the T- mobile flex plans this will allow you to have an allowance that can be spent on texts or calls

Choosing the right phone for the long game

Things you should consider are what you are going to use the phone for. You need to ask yourself some questions before you start looking for a new contract. Are you going to be taking video and photographs with your phone? As mobile phone camera technology has improved, we are starting to see a trend as people start using the mobile phone as their main camera. People with children and pets will benefit from having a good camera phone as it is something that is always with us

Music junkie

Do you like to listen to music on the move with all the major phone manufactures pushing music there has never been a better time to get a music phone with the likes of Sony Ericsson , Nokia and now Samsung promoting the phone as a mobile music wonder machine. With the long term in mind I would advise you to find a phone with lots of storage space and the ability to play all the latest music formats

Movies on the mobile

Mobile phone video clips are all the rage we've all seen them the funny movies shared over the Bluetooth. If you like movies, the mobile is fast becoming a platform to watch them on. With video compression algorithms changing, and video files becoming smaller; meaning complete movies can be stored on a memory card and shard between different devices again storage memory is king so I would get the biggest I could with the ability to play all the most popular movie formats such as MP4 and Windows media files

Always connected

The internet is a wonderful thing always connected to a massive information behemoth the likes that have never been seen before. Mobile internet access is becoming more popular and faster. Even if you donít have need for it today , get a handset that supports internet access and email. Longer mobile phone contracts are now becoming the norm ,unless you are wealthy enough to be able to buy a new handset at cost price every 3 month it is likely you will have your handset at the very least for 12 months before you can upgrade. It is important that you get the best phone you can; it is worth paying a little extra for a better handset with larger memory and better features. Get the best contract for your usage, a package that will include all you callsArticle Submission, and texts.

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