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Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Go Wireless: All the Basics You Need to Know

Wireless speakers†and headphones are taking over the market and has become the quiet juggernaut of the audio industry. Since the time features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have become common, manufacturers are enabling us to be free from the chaos of wires. You do not have to worry about messy wires and ceiling speakers. The products are becoming better by the day. However, wired speakers and earphones still dominate, claiming that the difference of quality can never be closed.

Pros and Cons of Wireless systems - When should you be buying them?†

Why are they so good?

Bluetooth speakers have become very common and it would be a good idea to stay away from all the debate about sound quality. Let us look at the advantages and the disadvantages of the wireless speakers. Let us look at when you should be getting one. The main advantage is the absence of wires. You would just need to plug in the speaker and connect it to a wall charger if it runs on power. If it runs on battery, you might need to charge it but otherwise, it would be devoid of any wires. After that, you would need to connect to a sound source like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and that is it.

Bluetooth wireless headphones†make everything so unbelievably easy and that is why you should own a wireless speaker. The other advantage is that these wireless systems can be really versatile. You could be having either a mono or stereo all around the house. You have to use the potent software innovations to get an effect that is possible only with the wired speakers. You can use even various combo of speakers on a single system but there could be some issues of sound mismatch.†

What is the main problem?

The main problem with the speakers is that there would be no control over conversion and amplification. Once you have committed to a wireless speaker, it might be very difficult to connect external add-ons to this system though not totally impossible. However, there are many manufacturers who are offering some basic audio controlling app, which is largely dispelling the disadvantage. However, the quality of the external amplifiers is much better than the ones that are used in the wireless speakers.†

What should you choose between Bluetooth and WiFi systems?

There is also the brawl about whether you should be using wireless headphones and speakers with Bluetooth or WiFi. The most simple answer seems to be going for WiFi. The wireless signals would be transmitting data at higher speeds and thus there would be better audio quality. But times are changing continuously and Bluetooth technology is being developed continuously. The new technologies like aptX have reduced the bit rate on the Bluetooth signals and there has been no serious effect on the quality. Thus a there has been a real difference in audio fidelity.

On top of that, technologies like Bluetooth 5 are now in the market. These can offer speeds up to 2 MB/s and the range has increased as well. Thus, things would be getting better and better. As it stands now, there is really little difference between the two technologies. It would now depend on personal choices and gadgets. If you already have too many devices that are connected to the Internet, you should probably leave the WiFi only speakers. Otherwise, you can get spoiled WiFi speaker to handle the audio. There would be effective multiroom setups as well where you would be able to play different speakers.†

So when should be buying a wireless speaker or headphone? If you need an easy and efficient sound system that would fit into the gadget ecosystem in your house without the need for additional equipmentFree Web Content, you should go for them. They could be ideal for multiple rooms.

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