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Monday, January 25, 2021
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What is the Future of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a dream to be had but its price tag is nudging people to reconsider getting refurbished Samsung phones UK instead.

We are quite used to seeing smartphones having the same old look and same old features that sometimes we wish that there was something better out there. Well, it appears that there is a device that will snap us out of our funk and that is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. But since this is the most decent foldable device that we have seen recently, expect that you will pay a handsome fee for it. Enter refurbished Samsung phones UK which are more affordable compared to their brand new counterparts. What then will the future hold for this second iteration of foldable device?

A Quick Guide to the Foldable Galaxy 

The Galaxy Z Fold version 2 has been well received as it has finally addressed the flaws that were seen in the previous iteration. This is indeed a call for celebration as it brought us one step closer to having two devices in just one body. Care to take a quick tour of the Galaxy Z Fold 2? Let’s get started with the basics first:

  • Screen sizes at 6.2 inches/ 7.6 inches with refresh rate of 120Hz
  • 3 12MP camera lenses (ultrawide, regular, telephoto)/ 2 10MP camera lenses (at the Cover Display and at the back)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset
  • 12GB RAM
  • Internal storage at 256GB

Unique Design 

Foldable mobile devices are not really new. Before, mobile phone companies were able to produce flip phones where the screen is connected to the body with a hinge. Today, the same idea is being applied to smartphones but it is not a mean feat until Samsung has released the Galaxy Z Fold. The concept was sound but the execution wasn’t well received as there were way too many flaws. And after several months, the Z Fold 2 came into being.

This new iteration transforms itself into a huge tablet with a screen size of 7.6 inches which is quite big although it is a bit smaller than the iPad mini. But being able to squeeze this massive screen into a foldable device makes it more portable. No need to bring your tablet or even your laptop with you since the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 can become a tablet easily.

How it was built was definitely an improvement which is one of the reasons why it was priced so high. Although it will feel a bit bulky when the device is folded, it has the right amount of thickness that will still enable you to pocket it provided that your pants pockets are loose. This will take some getting used to especially when we are all used to being able to hold our smartphones with just one hand.

Large Display

Compared to its previous iteration, the size of the screen on the Z Fold 2 is large enough to use even when it is in its folded state. However, you are better off with refurbished Samsung phones UK if you won’t be utilizing its unfolded state often. On a good note, Samsung has made their latest foldable phone more intriguing and exciting to use both in compact mode and unfolded. 

This is due to the fact that Samsung has finally corrected the hinge design thus making it stronger and durable plus it enables the screen to be fully stretched out without breaking it.

The display will look a bit more fragile compared to regular screens, but it can handle your every day usage. As a matter of fact, it can also dish out up to 120Hz of refresh rate just like the more compact smartphones out there. Like it was mentioned before, Samsung made some tweaks to the hinge of their Z Fold since now it can be easily propped open in any position that you like. The Flex Mode helps clean up the screen which is another advantage to this design.

User’s Interface

One of the best features of  Galaxy Z Fold 2 is its interface as it has finally managed to put using multiple apps simultaneously in just one device. This is where Flex Mode comes in as it is the program that lets you do a split-screen on this folding smartphone. Basically, you can run multiple apps at the same time on your screen without feeling too cluttered or disorganized. The good news is that the split screen software is compatible with several applications which is definitely useful for work or when ensuring that your business is running smoothly with just a single device. The downside here is that you will always be redirected to Samsung’s browser no matter how hard you want to try Google Chrome and others.

Top Performance Specs

If you are looking for the fastest handheld device to use this year, you will find that this foldable smartphone fits the bill. As a matter of fact, it has the same specs as that of the Note 20 Ultra wherein the Snapdragon 865 Plus powers it. The RAM is at 12GB which is already laptop quality which makes it capable of running multiple applications without any lags. Although Apple’s latest iPhone will still outmatch this unit, the resulting performance of this folding smartphone is already impressive.

However, it is a bit disappointing that the internal storage is limited to just 256GB and worse, there is now way for you to expand it since the microSD slot is missing. It would have been nice if this unit could have up to 512GB of storage especially with its price.

Get Spoiled with the Penta-Camera Setup

The penta-camera setup in the Z Fold 2 guarantees great photos, sure, but they still cannot beat the quality of the cameras from Note 20 Ultra. Yes, it does have three cameras with 12MP (regular, telephoto, and ultra-wide) plus 2 cameras at 10MP and they do yield some great shots, but the Note 20 Ultra has given us a taste of how superior its zooming capabilities are. Even the regular S20 and its bigger sibling have better camera quality and they are considerably cheaper too. You may even find better camera quality if you look for refurbished Samsung phones UK and at cheaper prices too.

The Fate of the Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is definitely a novel smartphone with its unique design and multitasking capabilities. However, it is also an expensive smartphone and tablet available in the market at its current retail price is a whopping £1,799. There are no other versions of this such one with a bigger storage which is a bummer given that at its price, there should have been an option to expand the storage. Not only that, but you will also be missing out on the Galaxy buds!

However, there are some upsides to this device and that is it is cheaper than the Thom Browne Edition and it is 5G ready too. Are those good reasons to get this model? Weighing its pros and cons may help.


  • Foldable screen lets you multitask with ease.
  • Refresh rate is at 120Hz
  • Screen size is decent for daily use regardless of whether it is folded or opened.
  • Flex mode technology for split-screen interface.


  • The price is too expensive at £1,799.
  • The Note 20 Ultra’s cameras are much better.
  • Not enough internal storage and no microSD.

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has fixed most of the issues in the previous model, there are still flaws in it that will most certainly be addressed in the next iteration which will happen for sure. If you are in the market for a novel smartphone, and have the budget to purchase one, this is a great investment.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget or want a device that is more compact and simpler to use, refurbished Samsung phones UK should be a good place to find those budget-friendly smartphones that you have been looking for. You can approach the manufacturers directly or, you can look for third-party retailers to see what your options are.

Where to Buy Refurbished Samsung Phones UK?

If you are not willing to part with your hard-earned money to an overpriced foldable phone, then why not consider refurbished Samsung phones UK instead? There are plenty of online sites that offer refurbs at discounted rates such as in QwikFone which means that you will not run out of options. Also, you will find that they come in different conditions meaning that there is a good chance that you will come across a pristine condition Samsung device that is unlocked at a price that is well within your budget.

At QwikFone, you will find this and more because you are guaranteed to get good value for your money. Not only are their refurbished Samsung smartphones relatively cheap, they are in pristine and unlocked condition too. You will get free accessories, 12-months warranty, plus the option to pay for one in installment.

Between the pricey Galaxy Z Fold 2 and refurbished Samsung phones UK, there is a huge chance that many will forgo grabbing the foldable device because of budget issues. StillPsychology Articles, it is not a bad choice for those who want a smartphone and a tablet at the same time.

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Angelika Muderris, she is a passionate writer and also heads the operations at QwikFone.

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