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Monday, April 12, 2021
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Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone

Among the Navratnas of the Nine planets the gemstone of Jupiter Planet is 'Yellow Sapphire'. predominantly yellow in color but due to different geographical locations it is found in five different sheds here. But due to the yellow color, the representative color of Jupiter house is considered to be a suitable and favorable gemstone for this house.

According to Vedic astrology, Pukhraj represents the home of Brahaspati. Pukhraj is a beautiful yellow gemstone. It is considered a gem of the planet Jupiter. The quality of yellow sapphire is decided on the basis of size, color and purity. The natives should wear Pukhraj according to their zodiac sign. The benefits of this gem are as much as it is valuable. Wearing this gem ends financial troubles. The donor starts getting financial benefits from different paths. Therefore, to get relief from economic problems and to progress in life, the person must wear a yellow Sapphire after observing the horoscope. Good health, economic benefits from wearing yellow sapphire Long lifespan and dignity are attained. Girls who are delayed in marriage must wear yellow sapphire. Girls are married in a good house by wearing a yellow sapphire. Couples who crave a son should also wear yellow sapphire. Brahaspati is both a factor of a husband and a son, be sure to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

Pukhraj can be worn if the strength of Jupiter (Guru) is less in the horoscope, but it is mainly necessary that the planet is auspicious in your horoscope or not in any sinful place. A yellow or white yellow sapphire is worn in gold on the index finger. Before wearing yellow sapphire, you must show your horoscope to a qualified astrologer.

Benefits and properties of Pukhraj Ratna

How to Wear Yellow Sapphire

Put the Pukhraj, the gemstone of Brahma Jupiter, in a golden or silver ring and wear it on any Shukla Paksha Jupiter War, after the sun rises, making it a life-reputed one. For this, first put the ring in milk, Ganges water, honey and sugar mixture. Then burn five incense the names of Jupiter god and pray that O Brahaspati Dev is wearing the representative gemstone Pukhraj to get its blessings. Please provide your blessings. After removing the ring, turn from the top of the incense sticks 108 times and chant the P Brahm Brahspatiya Namah, then touch the ring with the feet of Vishnu and hold it in the index finger. To achieve good effects of Brahaspati, wear top coat only, Pukhraj starts giving effect within 30 days of wearing and gives full effect for about four years and then becomes inactive. You can wear a new yellow sapphire after being inactive. The color of yellow sapphire should be light yellow and stain free for good effect. There should be no defect in Pukhraj otherwise auspicious effects may come down.

Yellow Sapphire Stone Benefits

By wearing the appropriate gemstone at the right time, the fate of a human being arises. Gems have the ability to change the life of a human being. Pukhraj is one of the most influential of the nine gems and one that can solve many problems. Jyotshi often recommend wearing yellow sapphire.


The gem of Pukhraj (Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire) belongs to the planet Jupiter and is considered to be the life-giving planet to the Guru. There are many benefits of wearing a yellow sapphire. For example, wearing Pukhraj brings progress, luck, fortune and happiness in life. Wearing a yellow sapphire promotes the attainment of a son's gemstone, the problem of delay in marriage, and the development of spiritual power.

Health Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Astrologers believe that those who have problems with chest pain, breathing, throat etc. should wear yellow sapphire. Yellow sapphire is also used to relieve ulcers, arthritis, diarrhea, impotence, TB, heart, knee and joint pain.

Different colors of Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is in five types of colors. It is light yellow in color, like turmeric, in capillary color, gold color and lemon peel color.

How to Identify Genuine Yellow Sapphire

Keep the yellow sapphire in the milk for 24 hours. During this time, if Pukhraj does not get faded and shrink, then it is a real yellow sapphire.

Transparent Pukhraj

Whenever buying yellow sapphire, keep in mind how its transparency is. Transparency means that the gem should be seen clearly. It should not be broken and broken anywhere.

Before wearing yellow sapphire

This gem is very effective. Therefore, wear this gemstone only after getting chanted by a pundit. Only then you get the benefit.

Yellow sapphire facts

It is said about Pukhraj that the natives who have weak Jupiter in their horoscope should wear yellow sapphire.

Zodiac Signs for yellow sapphire

  1. Wearing Pukhraj is considered extremely beneficial for the natives of Sagittarius and Pisces signs.
  2. Wearing a yellow sapphire increases honor and wealth.
  3. This gem also provides success in the field of education.
  4. With this gem, people start getting interested in religious and social work.

Substitute of Yellow Sapphire

In place of Pukhraj, gemstone astrologers also recommend wearing yellow topaz, CitrineScience Articles, or Yellow agate.

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