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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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How to wear, who should wear and benefits of wearing Yellow sapphire stone

gems. This increases the influence of the planet Guru. This gem represents those of Sagittarius and Pisces. Wearing it increases knowledge

We all know changing positions of all astrological planets have impacts on human life, and in such a situation, if a person gets rid of the sins and planets in his horoscope or many troubles related to his life. Then you must wear the yellow sapphire stone. Just keep in mind that the gemstone is real and faultless, along with that it is worn with complete legislation.

Explain that Jupiter, the only major planet in all nine planets of astrology, is called 'Guru' because of being the Jupiter of the Gods. At the same time, it is considered to be the main planet, which if favorable, other sinful or cruel planets of the horoscope do not have any effect on humans. 

Yellow sapphire stone of Jupiter

Among the all nine astrological gemstones of all nine planets, the gem of Jupiter is considered as 'Pukhraj'. It is also called 'Guru Ratna'. Pukhraj which is also found in white, yellow, pink, sky and blue colors, but due to being 'yellow', the representative color of Jupiter house, 'yellow sapphire’ has always been considered a suitable and favorable gem for this house. For your information, let us know that yellow sapphire is found in most of the countries of the world but generally Brazil's yellow sapphire is considered to be the best in quality. Not only this, top quality yellow sapphire is also easily found in India.

How to identify original yellow sapphire

1.     To identify purity of yellow sapphire, you should leave it in milk for twenty four hours. If still there is no difference in his brightness then it is real yellow sapphire.

2.     If poisonous insects have bitten from the ground, then grind the yellow sapphire in that place. By doing this, the poison will immediately go off and Pukhraj will be the real victim.

3.     At the same time, the real yellow sapphire is transparent and balsamic, as well as being weighty when taken in hand.

4.     Yellow aura (rays) erupts from the real yellow sapphire when placed on white cloth in the sun.

5.     The actual yellow sapphire does not crack when it is set on fire, its color changes to a very white color.

6.     Let us tell you that some fiber is present in the real yellow sapphire, even if it is small?

Benefits of yellow sapphire and benefits from wearing it

As we have said earlier that being the representative gem of Jupiter, yellow sapphire is smooth, shiny, watery and transparent and wearing good yellow color greatly enhances your business and career. Not only has this, wearing it also ensured your progress in the field of studies and education. People who are having problems in family growth are also advised to wear yellow sapphire. Apart from all this, Pukhraj who is also protected from obstacles like ghosts. Let it be said that wearing it, it is easy to get wealth and splendor.

It is known to very few people that wearing original yellow sapphire in the state of weak Jupiter is considered to be the ultimate welfare. This gem gives unmarried people (especially to girls) marriage happiness, housewives to child happiness and husband happiness, couples to marital happiness, and traders give immense benefits. By wearing it, one can get rid of many types of physical, mental, intellectual and divine sufferings.

Who should wear Yellow sapphire

It is considered auspicious to wear yellow sapphire to increase the effect when the position of Jupiter is in auspicious position in the horoscope and to remove the defect if it is inauspicious. Know that it should be worn in the position of Jupiter as well as in the atmosphere.

Natives of Sagittarius, Cancer, Aries, Scorpio and Pisces Ascendant or Horoscope can also benefit by wearing topaz. At the same time, those who are the owner of Jupiter center or triangle or these breasts in the horoscope or Guru Lagnesh or head house in the horoscope, then those people must take advantage by wearing innocent and yellow sapphire.

Method of wearing yellow sapphire

It is considered good to put Pukhraj in a gold ring and wear it in the index finger of right hand after bathing and meditation on Thursday in Shuklapaksha. In the ring, the top of the gemstone should remain open and touch with the finger.

To make a yellow sapphire ring, at least four carats or four ratti and above weight should be taken with transparentFree Reprint Articles, balsamic and flawless yellow sapphire.


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