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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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The Number One Reason to Learn Canadian French

Canada is wonderful and Canadians rightly hold the reputation for being incredibly friendly. Find out how and why you can discover the soul of Canada for yourself by learning Canadian French.

If you’re wondering if you should learn Canadian French online or not, here’s a pretty awesome reason to decide yes. The Canadian people, eh? You will no doubt have heard that Canadians are amazingly friendly and helpful. The thing is though, that even though many of them are bilingual, they seem to have a preference for people who have tried to learn Canadian French.

Imagine you own a shop. Electronics, let’s say. Somebody, a tourist, walks in and says: ‘Je voudrais un casque’. You tell him that you don’t speak French and he starts pointing at some headphones. He points at the one he wants, so you get it out and wrap it up. You take his money, he says: ‘Merci’ and he’s out of your shop.

Now for the next person who walks in, I want you to imagine Steve Martin in ‘The Pink Panther’ when he’s trying to speak English. The customer stutters and warbles and tries to speak English with you as hard as he can. With some difficulty and some chuckles, he ends up with his headphones and you say goodbye.

Which one of the two do you think you would enjoy most as a customer? It’s logical isn’t it? You’re always going to feel more positively about the second customer, even if you don’t like Steve Martin or haven’t seen the movie.

 “But I Speak French!”

Ah yes, but you don’t speak Canadian French. And don’t think the differences are small either. Canadian French is an entirely different beast. For one reason, the French suddenly changed their language radically in 1799, but Canada didn’t follow suit. They’d been under English ownership for a few decades and there wasn’t much cultural exchange with France. So when France revolutionized French, Canada stuck with the traditional version.

Also, the fact that Canada shares a lot of border miles with the USA has caused lots of English words to be imported into Canadian French.

Fundamentally the two languages are the same, but the idiom and pronunciation are quite different. It’s not like the difference between UK English and US English for instance, but more like that between Spanish and Portuguese: they can understand each other, but it stops there.

Now, if you plan to go to Canada, be it for work, study or vacation, you’d do yourself a pretty big favor if you learn Canadian French online before you go there.

Depending on your budget and your preferences, you can choose from a variety of methods.

Be Able to Really MEET Canadians…

…and find out why they have a fantastic reputation for being so easy-going and laid back. Which customer would you want to be? If you’re going to spend any amount of time in Canada, I can guarantee that you’ll have a lot more fun if you learn Canadian French first. And don’t let fear hold you back! Trying to speak a language should be fun! Even if you can’t speak perfectly, or you make tons of mistakes, it can still be fun. Our common fear and holding back are simple illusions and I say get rid of them!

Why not try our Free Demo lesson and see what the differences really are between Metropolitan French and Canadian French? It’s 30 minutes and totally freePsychology Articles, and you’ll definitely learn your first lesson of Canadian French







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