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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Power Half Hour is a workout from the Beachbody family that has been largely forgotten in the midsty of P90X mania. This article explores reasons why Power Half Hour could once again catch on as a P90X substitute or even prerequisite.

Recently, the people behind P90X at released P90X 2.  As someone who graduated from P90X multiple times, the pending release of part 2 had me excited.

The fact is, despite the great variation in P90X with basically 10 different workouts spread out 6 days-a-week over 13 weeks, you don't mind seeing something new. P90X could get stale.

I haven't yet tried P90X 2, but I plan to. Because the price points are hovering up around $100 plus dollars, I thought I'd wait and see what my friends are saying. Maybe by then, the price will drop.

Still, to me Beach body always seems to deliver when it comes to the home workout. I am also a graduate of their Insanity program.  Both P90X and Insanity are grueling programs that require about 1 hour per-day of your time, 6 days-a-week.

Power Half Hour is an alternative worth exploring because it seems to capitalize on the basic principle that with working out, less is more if you approach it with the right instruction, focus, and intensity.

As the name suggests, Power Half Hour is a 30 minute workout and not a minute more.  It was actually a Tony Horton staple for Beach body before P90X even existed. Like P90X, Power Half Hour can help you achieve great results if you simply put forth your maximum effort.

What Power Half Hour does is attempt to take the 30 minute workout concept that so many people find appealing while still seeking to maintain results.

Those results are what have driven the success of P90X probably more than any other element. That's how it should be with workout programs. Great word of mouth from satisfied and much fitter people, should be what drives the marketing.

Power Half Hour utilizes muscle confusion principles which are central to P90X and distills them into five 30 minute workouts.  From the viewpoint of Beachbody, Power Half Hourallows them to present the principle that workouts that drag on with low intensity do not create the results found in the shorter more focused routines.

This is what is referred to in exercise science as the rule of diminishing returns. The reality is people are busier and a 30 minute workout sounds better and more attractive than an hour long workout found in the average P90X workout.  

Tony Horton is your trainer just like in P90X and there are many cross-over principles at work.

What makes Power Half Hour a great alternative and a powerful potential player in the 30 minute workout market, is that it will have wider appeal to more fitness levels than P90X.  It is lower impactHealth Fitness Articles, but with admittedly less impressive results.  

Beachbody is very likely to promote Power Half Hour heavily to the beginner market and try to capture people that either found P90X too difficult or have been frightened by P90X.

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