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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Portion Control For Weight Loss: Have Your Favorite Snacks And Still Lose Weight

If you thought that weight loss requires you to give up eating all the snacks you enjoy, you need to think again! You don’t need to give up anything, if you are prepared to take charge of your diet and exercise portion control for weight loss. Here are some simple strategies.

Most people are aware that consistent weight loss is virtually impossible without some form of diet control. Unfortunately, people get carried away by the temptation of short-term results and fall for drastic diet measures, that are unsustainable and counter-productive in the long run. One of the most practical and effective diet strategies to regulate your diet and lose weight is portion control, especially with snacks. Here is all the information about this vital component of a successful weight loss strategy.

Be Practical

In order to lose weight, you need to consume less calories than you burn. It's a simple formula, but with ever-growing portion sizes and an unending list of calorie-rich food temptations, this is a daunting prospect.

Some people try to go Spartan by denying themselves all their favorite snacks, but that will only lead to frustration and depression. You will be a lot more successful, if you continue enjoying your favorite snacks within limits, by exercising portion control.

Buy Small Packs

Your home is where you have best control over what you eat, so be responsible. To begin with, stop buying the big bags of chips, cookies, wafers and other calorie-rich processed goodies. It is no rocket science that when these temptations are available in abundance within your reach, you will reach for them.

Buy small packs, or if you still want value for money, buy the big packs, but divide your chips into smaller containers. This is a great way to exercise portion control for weight loss. You will automatically hesitate to reach for two containers at once. With cookies, just keep 2-3 within reach, and lock away the rest somewhere.

Read Nutrition Labels

Before you divide your spoils, make it a point to read the nutrition label on the food packaging. It comes with a recommended daily portion size, based on an average 2,000 calorie diet. This will give you an idea of the limits within which you should be exercising portion control. Stick to this, and you will be less likely to overeat and put on weight.

Stock Healthy Snacks

Furthermore, stock healthier snacks too, and keep these at more accessible places in your home. For instance, a jar of nuts should be within easier reach than cookies and fresh fruit should be right in front in your fridge, and the brownie somewhere at the back.

Exercise Control During TV Hours

Some of the worst diet disasters happen when people sit with a bag of crisps, a box of wafers or a large bowl of instant pasta in front of the TV. While your concentration is on the television, you are likely to overeat. So, measure out your portions beforehand.

Eat Slowly

Finally, make it a point not to wolf down your snack, if you are serious about portion control for weight loss. You have only a little of your favorite treat to enjoy, so make it last! In any case, when you eat slowly, you will be satisfied with less. Even still, if you are not satisfied with a single portion your tasty snack, reach for a handful of nuts or a fruit to silence your craving, rather than another portion of that snack.

With these steps to achieve portion control for weight loss, you will have a sustainable strategy towards a leaner and healthier body, and you will also be able to enjoy your favorite snacks!

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