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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Zi Sun Cha is Green Tea?

Zi Sun Cha or Purple Bamboo Shoot tea is a type of Chinese green tea which is known for its fresh aroma, sweet taste and health benefits.



Production of this tea dates back at least to the 8th Century CE, when Lu Yu, China's Sage of Tea and author of "Cha Jing", set up a tea factory here dedicated to producing Gu Zhu Zi Sun as the first tribute tea for the Tang Dynasty Emperor. Lu Yu, the famous tea master, was instrumental in promoting tea and tea culture during the Tang Dynasty (619-907AD). In addition to writing the first book about tea, he built the first Tribute Tea factory for the emperor in Gu Zhu Mountain in Zhejiang Province in 846 AD. It was his belief that Gu Zhu Zi Sun was the very best tea, and became a Tribute Tea for over a thousand years. Initially this tea was steamed into cakes and then ground into a powder to drink. It was not until 1368 AD that this tea was brewed using whole leaves.

Taste and Aroma

Tastewise, Zi Sun Cha shows a highly individual profile in the silky-soft, highly fragrant infusion: fresh spinach and other vegetable notes mix with a touch of sautéed mushrooms and a unique ‘umami’ sweetness, reminiscent of that of Japanese Kabusecha- or Gyokuro teas. When preparing Zi Sun Cha Gong Fu Cha style, with relatively short infusions and high dosaging, the tea will surprise with a series of fruity and floral notes beyond the first infusion. While other famous green teas, such as Long Jing, Bi Luo Chun, Anji Bai Cha or Mao Feng, also each have their own characteristic taste, we found that the special, ‘high mountain’-infused taste profile of Zi Sun Cha Green Tea makes this tea sticking out among all other Chinese green teas.

Health Benefits

When compared to other green teas, Zi Sun Cha is light and refreshing. It offers many health benefits other than its refreshing aroma and its sweet taste. Catechins in tea possess anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. It is considered that Zi Sun Cha has the ability to kill bacteria in the intestines and mouth. Polysaccharides and Catechins are able to reduce blood sugar levels. Consuming Chinese green tea can improve blood flow and circulation. One of the major advantages of having green tea is that it can lower cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. It also has the potential to strengthen the immune system. Chinese green tea is proven to reduce stress and plays a role in the prevention of aging. Some studies show that Chinese green tea can prevent cancer.


In a clay or glass teapot (stunning visual effect with the opening of the needles), pour 250 – 350 ml hot water of a temperature of 85°C over 3-5 g of Zi Sun Cha Green Tea and let infuse for ca. 2 minutes for a first infusion. With an extended infusion period of 3-4 minutes for a second, and 4-5 minutes for a third steep, this green tea will produce 2-3 delicious, full value infusions. The typical Chinese preparation approach uses higher dosages and shorter infusion periods. This way, even more tasty infusions can be produced, and individual taste notes dominating individual infusions can be isolated and/or highlighted.

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