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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Six simple steps to get into the success mindset

When you are building your business and working on your mindset, your energy is on the rise, you are plugging away, implementing, and keeping your head in the game.

When you are building your business and working on your mindset, your energy is on the rise. You are plugging away, implementing, and keeping your head in the game. You may even be seeking new friends and surrounding yourself with people who share similar beliefs to help pull you forward. But, what about current friends and family who donít think the way you do and arenít ready to embrace the new way of life you have chosen?†

Choose love and compassion. First, I want to say this happens to me too. The number one thing is that you stay in a place of love, compassion and non-judgment. These differences will come up with some friends and family which is only natural.

Seek commonality. It might seem difficult to interact with those who donít share your mindset. They may be people who are very close to you and are not going anywhere. So it gets to a point when you just say to yourself, ďYou know, I love them. The information is out there when they want it. They donít want it right now so Iím going to love them for who they are and Iíll find things to talk about that have nothing to do with my beliefs.Ē

One topic I often rely on is cooking. You can share this passion and learn new recipes and tips without worrying about bumping heads on the mindset stuff.

Avoid judgment. With time and effort, you will find safe things to talk about and carry on a conversation. But, keep this in mind, itís very easy to judge, which doesnít fall high on the list of 22 emotions. So, judgment is not a good thing and you want to be careful about not thinking youíre better than they are. One of my mentors told me, ďFabienne, no matter whatís going on, they still have a very full life.Ē

Donít try to change people. What my mentor said is so true -thatís why I recommend you just live your life and donít try to change others. Instead, love them and recognize them for who they are.

Add people to your life with a similar mindset. Another important point is to realize that you donít need to get rid of people from your life to maintain your mindset. What you are really trying to do is add more yummy people to your life. Sometimes, it turns out that the yummy people tend to crowd out the rest. You know what I mean?

Share the love and joy. The key is not to judge because everyone is on his or her own path. Itís their journey. You can bring a horse to water, but you canít make him. drink. Thatís how the old saying goes. So focus on the yummy things you are creating and share the love and the joy that comes from that.

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Are you butting heads with a friend or family member? Get into a place of non-judgment and compassion. Then think about all the things you can still talk about and write up a list. Next time you see the person, remember that you love themPsychology Articles, then talk about one of those topics that will keep the conversation flowing. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that interacting with those who donít share your mindset is easier than you think and can still feel really good.

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