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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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America\\\'s Search for Truth

Anyone claiming to believe in absolute truth is a fundamentalist... right? Not necessarily. American society and government was founded on the belief that truth exists.

The existence or non-existence of absolute truth is a controversial topic in today's society. Numerous factors, such as increasing multi-culturalism, disillusionment with the church, immigration, globalization, and pluralism have all contributed to the notion that absolute truth does not exist. The concept seems too simplistic in the new and complex 21st century world. Anyone claiming to believe in absolute truth is a fundamentalist... right?

Not necessarily.

Most human beings know and experience what is known as natural law: rules of conduct that are inherent in nature. For example, every society is based on certain rules of conduct, many of them constant throughout the globe; theft, murder, lying, etc. are universally recognized as wrong. The golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is present in nearly every religion on the planet. Since these laws are immutable, they cannot be relative, and must therefore represent something intrinsically true.

American society and government was founded on the belief that truth exists. The Declaration of Independence states that man is endowed with certain inalienable rights; these rights are observable in the laws of the universe. Based on universal principles, the founders created America as a republic rather than a democracy. A democracy is nothing more than the majority deciding what is right. A republic's constitution upholds certain principles whether or not the majority believes in them: indivisible liberty, absolute truth, cause to effect, the dignity of the human being, and the right to life and property.

The character of a nation determines what kind of civil government it can maintain. A republic takes the highest character to operate and sustain, because it is based on immutable principles. A democracy simply operates on majority opinion, and takes much less character and moral courage to maintain. Democracy leads to the notion that every idea is equally valid, and then devolves into anarchy and tyranny. Once the majority discovers they can vote themselves more and more benefits, that society will quickly degenerate.

When a nation violates the immutable laws of the universe, there will inevitably be negative societal consequences. A society where theft, deception, and tyranny become increasingly permissible will quickly disintegrate. A society that follows the immutable laws of the universe will function much more smoothly, and last much longer. Immutable laws never change. A nation that stands on principles that never change will last as long as it continues to stand on those principles. But if it starts to disregard those principles, it will collapse just like a building whose supporting pillars have been taken away.

Imagine you play on a football team. How would you feel if you walked onto the field and realized you were completely ignorant about the rules of the game? Would you exult in your freedom from rules and restrictions? Or would you feel completely lost and vulnerable? You will find that knowing the rules and obeying them will bring you much more freedom than living at odds with them. SimilarlyScience Articles, knowing and obeying the laws of the universe is actually much more liberating than living without them. The truth will indeed set you free.

The preservation and sustainment of Liberty depends on you. It's time to discover liberty or lose it.

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