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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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What are the differences between Aura and Chakra reading?

There is a lot of confusion among people regarding their understanding of the basic differences between aura and chakra reading. While many people perceive it as the same, there are drastic differences between the two. The article throws light on the distinctive nature as well as significance of both these divinities in one’s life.

Auras encircle a person like a ring and can be seen only by those, who are supposedly blessed with psychic talents. Aura reading has a lot to do with understanding a person’s dominant colour because, a particular colour plays the role of a mood ring and rules a person over a period of time. However, the semblance keeps on changing in one’s life in tandem with his or her emotional state. There are both weak and strong auras encircling a person. It is believed that weaker auras succumb to the stronger ones. Generally, it is found that celebrities, politician and highly enlightened people have powerful auras, while fearful individuals and pessimists have negative auras. Also, the different colours of auras represent different psychological states of an individual. For example, while red stands for strength, yellow and golden signify purity. Fearful people have many black spots in their mood ring.

On the other hand, chakras are specific energy centres fixed in different parts of the human body. The term ‘chakra’ is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning ‘spinning wheel’. Chakras run right from the reproductive organ to the skull in our bilaterally symmetrical body. Each chakra has a specific colour which defines a special aspect in one’s life. Chakras are symbolic to your life situation; a psychic has the ability to identify one’s dominant chakra. Effective changes in life reflect changes in chakra pattern and vice versa. Thus, it can be said that chakras are more rooted while auras are based on contemporary mood and objective. All the chakras are interlinked and communicate with each other. It is extremely important that all chakras inside the body communicate effectively, or else it will lead to some mental and emotional imbalance inside the body.

According to psychics, practicing meditation helps in internal cleansing of one’s mind and body, thus resulting in the strengthening of chakras and auras. It should be remembered that pure mind, body and soul can only be achieved through meditation. It is definitely true that auras are electromagnetic fields which keep on changing from time to time, depending on the current mood of a person. Again, chakras can well be defined as energy vortexes and there are seven main chakras located along the spinal column. Psychics who specialize in emotional healing also have the ability to identify the impaired chakras which lead to imbalance of energy, life force or ‘prana’ inside one’s body. However, significant changes in your lifestyle must be madeFree Reprint Articles, in order to heal chakras.

A professional chakra and aura reader will always help his clients understand the basic difference between the two. The only commonality between them is they are elements of the body’s energy system.

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Jeanette is a renowned chakra and aura reader in Brisbane and has contributed immensely with her experience. The article is written by Steve on behalf of Jeanette’s angelblessings888 to help readers understand the difference between the chakras and auras.

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