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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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12 KEYS TO SUCCESS - Control Your Emotion

Now, here is the second keys that you will need if you desire for success. All the 12 keys to success are equally important, the order of all the keys are not important here. For example, Key #1 is Never Gives Up, the order of it doesn't matter here. All of the 12 keys are crucial and you must have them!

You need to feel happy all the time. You need to feel positive all the time. Let me give you an example here of how important controlling your emotions are. There is a father, who works in an insurance firm. One day he had been fired from his company. So he is in a very bad mood. When driving home, the traffic jam. He is so angry and keep on sounding horns. Suddenly a car hit his car from the back. Now he is getting more angry and get out of his car, quarrel with the one who hit his car. Back at home, he see his wife and he straight away scold her. Then went into his room and slam the door. Now, the wife too is getting angry because his husband scolded her without any reasonable reason. The wife keep scolding their children, throwing things. Then one of the kid drop some food on the floor and the wife give that kid a slap on the face. Did the kid feel happy? Of course not, the kid move out of the house, and see a cat walking across. What that kid did? That kid kick that poor cat. Therefore you see. The negative effect of having bad emotion is so powerful. What if you are happy all the times? You can imagine that your positive emotions will influence all the people around you.Are emotions important to us? Indeed. All of our work will be influence by our emotions. So what if you're in a bad emotion? Do you think that you can did a perfect job if your emotion is bad at that time? If you want to success, especially for businessman, they need to control their emotions. This is because they need to deal with other people all the time to have their business done. If they don't control their emotions, it is impossible to get their business deal in a nice and perfect way. Another great example is for network marketers. Every network marketers need to contact with their members all the time. So if they cannot control their emotions, all their members will leave them eventually.There are lots of downs in our life. And many people don't know how to control their emotion to face their downs. We are humans, we are can control our emotions. Why can we control our emotion? Because we can control our thinking. And why can we control our thinking? Because we have the power of making decisions. Thus you must learn how to make the right decisions.Talking about controlling your emotions, what should you do when you're upset or angry? Well, you can take bath, sing songs, etc. Just make yourself feel comfortable. You can even pretend to be happy when you are upset. Please don't say that I'm crazy, but this is true and it definitely will helps to cure your sadness. Some people said, when you're down, try to smile and laugh more. The more you pretend the more it will comes true. This is the same as every night reviewing your goals of what you need to do and dream about what kind of lifestyle you want. Your mind will stimulate it to becomes true.There you have it, the second key to success, control your emotion. Don't let your emotion control you. You have the power of making decisionBusiness Management Articles, always think positively and control your emotions. To your success.

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