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Saturday, March 28, 2020
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12 KEYS TO SUCCESS - Never Give Up


This is a very crucial key for you if you want to success. No matter in your career or in your life, success will never come automatically. You must never give up if you desire for success. If you insist, keep on your hard work, in the end, the wealth will be yours, prosperity will be yours.

You must know that this is the spirit that you need to succeed in your life. Allow me to give you an example here. If you took a hammer, and hit the wall of a house. What will happen? Nothing will happen, what you will get is just a loud “bang!”. But what if you keep on hitting and hitting the very same wall? You will get a huge hole eventually, you can even make the whole house collapse with just a hammer. Therefore you see, many things seem like impossible to happen. But if we keep on working on it without giving up, you will find that we can actually create something impossible.

Look around you, do you have any friends who are very rich and success? Let me tell you, if you have this kind of friend, they must be very hardworking. And you know what, they’ve been hardworking for many years, maybe they’ve been very hardworking for 10 or 20 years. However, if you are very lazy, the whole story will be different. If you are lazy for one day, it is ok. But if you keep on your laziness for 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years and so on. Your laziness will create a massive destructive force which tends to destroy your life. If you see some one who live a frustrated live, poor, this is maybe he or she is lazy. But let me remind you, this person is not only lazy for a few days, maybe he or she had been lazy for 10 or 20 years.

Every successful people out there face a lot of ups and downs in their route to success. But they insist and keep moving on. They turn the destructive force into energy and inspired them to keep moving on. Like I mentioned just now, success will never come automatically. You will need to face many problems and challenges before you reach your target. Just like climbing a mountain, you will need to cross all the obstacles and climb before you can eventually reach the top.

Actually I’m very impress with those who had create amazing results in their life. A lot of people who pursuing for success gives up in the end. And they waste a lot of their precious time the moment they give up. Why did I say so? Let me give you a metaphor. Imagine that there is a stone in front of you. You keep on hitting it until it breaks. If the stone breaks after you hit it for 99 times, do you think that it is the 99th times that make the stone breaks? Absolutely not! The 1st to the 98th times do contribute to break that stone. Well, this is what happens in real life. Many people hit the stone until half way, say 50th times and they found that the stone is not breaking, they give up and stop hitting it. What they do then is that they search for other stone and hit it again. They keep on hitting and hitting, again, the stone never break and they give up again. So you see, they’ve wasted the time and energy of hitting until the 50th times and get no result.

I hope that you can understand what I’m trying to say here. Always remember, if you want success, then there will be no giving up in your dictionary. There is no failure in this worldArticle Search, people fail only because they give up. So keep this key in your pocket today and use it to unlock the door to success. To Your success.

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