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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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3 Effective Photographic Memory Techniques For You

There are many advantages to developing a photographic memory. Having good memory skills will enhance the way you work and help you achieve success in your life. So, learn these 3 techniques to improve the way you lead your life today.

Who says that only mind freaks can have photographic memory? You definitely can hear the oohs and aahs when the Mind Freak himself was able to draw for you a detailed drawing of the entire city just after a 5 min helicopter ride. It is a miracle how these people are able to remember so well. Now, imagine if you have the exact same power and ability. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Just glimpse through your textbooks the hour before you sit for your exam and you will definitely score a miracle ‘A’. Check out these 3 effective photographic memory techniques for you that you can use and benefit from.

Before getting started, photographic memory requires some kind of practice and technique too. So if you cannot do it after the first try, do not quit. Give yourself some time to get used to it too.First, the link system is usually used to aid you with all sorts of memory work. This is highly useful for memorizing texts in the form of lists or chores. So, lets say if you have a long shopping list to remember, try to get all the words and try to make it into mental scenario out of it. Example, if you are given a list of things – pink, shirt, cat, slippers, ironing and flowers, make a picture out of this by thinking of CAT wearing a SHIRT printed with FLOWERS and so on. When you reach the last item, try to link it to the first. This short mental film will help you to remember effectively and quickly.

The second method is to use the peg system. The peg system is used usually to remember images in a sequence. This number-shape system will help you to remember the sequences of images accurately in a jiffy. For example, you are given pictures of a dog, cat, mouse, elephant, antelope and giraffe arranged in this sequence. To use the peg system, simply attach a number to each picture Example 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 mice, 4 elephant et cetera. At the same time, use your mental scenario to make the peg system work. Remember to link the animals to each other, by using the same technique as mentioned in the link system.

The last technique would involve the use of the ever-famous mind mapping. Back in the school days, the mind mapping technique is a very popular and highly encouraged technique. However, over time, people choose to chuck this technique away simply because they are finding it harder to use. Well, this of course depends on the kind of area you are planning to use the mind mapping technique for. To use the mind mapping technique effectively, simply take the key central image of the concept and branch out information that is related.  It might get messier as you go by, but it is an excellent tool for organizing a busy timetable or storing large quantities of information.

Developing photographic memory is not at all that tough. If you are not born with this giftFree Articles, then get sneaky and try out these tricks and apply them. Your friends will be shocked by your tremendous improvement in your memory work.

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