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Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Are You Using Power or Force?

What if you could know, with a "yes" or "no" answer, the real truth about any person, news event, presidential candidate, book, or anything else instantly?   

Since bodies never lie, scientists and researchers are now tapping into that truth using "Touch for Health" methods and finding fantastic results. Read Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force and continue to be amazed...If you apply this knowledge, it will change your life. 

Are you aware of the levels of consciousness of all life forms, including your own?  If you put spiritual growth high on your priority list, you know that you continue to progress, and that humanity in general is gradually climbing the ladder of consciousness levels, however slowly.  

These levels, a “Map of Consciousness” put forth by Dr. David Hawkins are calibrated to show how much or how little we add to the creativity of society, or take from it.  Using extensively tested scientific research, we find that on a scale of 1-1000, level 200 is the breaking point.  Above that, we add to truth, to our world.  Below it, we take from others, lowering the overall human consciousness. 

There is an easy way to see the difference.  Power over others, the power of wealth, fame, etc, is calibrated below 200.  This energy we shall call Force, since we are usually, someone is always, forcing people or animals to do it their way, pay taxes, follow the laws, stop at red lights, etc. 

Force always has an opposite.  If we make a law, someone’s always against it.  Physical force demands retaliation.  An argument has two sides, right vs. wrong, “us and them” consciousness.  As a society grows in awareness that force may be necessary at times, but it doesn’t add to the creative, productive consciousness of the world.  There is a better way.  

Power, on the other hand, is inner wisdom.  It never has an opposite.  It embraces the oneness of us all.  We begin to accept, to allow others to have their views, and to create the life we want.  Power, or wisdom, is always present.  We can use it to make decisions, to express love and joy wherever we are, and to attract to us those of a similar consciousness. 

Here’s the test:  Do you tell others what to do?  Do you demand a vote recount, an insistence that others should do it your way?  That is force.  Or do you allow others to choose their beliefs and actions, even to the point of drug or alcohol abuse?  Do you see the harmony in accepting all life forms to follow their natural way, even to extinction?  You are using power, in that case, to create harmony and peace in your own lifeFree Web Content, and thus in the planet’s.

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