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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Beyond New Year's Resolutions: Releasing Your Inner David

It’s well known that New Year's resolutions rarely work. The reason they don’t work is that you cannot change your outer world without changing your inner view. The key to any life change lies in first shifting your self-perception. This year, I invite you to flollow in the footsteps of Michelangelo: discover how to see your inherent perfection "within the marble" rather than trying to fix the marble with desperate resolutions. 

With the New Year approaching once more, millions are sitting down with keyboard or pen in hand to pound out their list of resolutions, goals, and self-improvements. Are you among them? It’s well known that resolutions rarely work. The reason they don’t work is that you cannot change your outer world without changing your inner view. The key to any life change lies in first shifting your self-perception.  

I challenge you to move beyond resolutions this year and towards something infinitely deeper: a shift from continually resolving to fix something you perceive as broken, to holding one single intention. This one intention is the only one you will ever need. It is the intention to release from within you that perfect, worthy, limitless, sacred being that you truly are.

Modern society has done a very good job of telling us what our inner self-perception should be. We are broken, incomplete, dysfunctional, imperfect and in need of much improvement. Both secular and religious advertising call us towards fixing ourselves, be it to save our souls or to take our dollars, or in some cases, both.

The truth is that, from a sacred perspective, there is nothing about us that needs improvement. Nothing! We are inherently perfect just as we are. What is required is not improvement, which is rooted in ego, but acceptance, which is rooted in spirit.

It really is only from a place of self-acceptance that we can ever expand upon who we already are, releasing more of our greatness and perfection from under the veil of lack and incompletion. When we try to improve ourselves based on the false premise that we are somehow incomplete, we have already cut ourselves off from the one power within us that is capable of making any changes in our lives: our infinite perfect Self, Source, or Soul.

All of our greatness, empowerment, beauty, creativity, abundance, health, joy and love are within us. They are not things to achieve, but the very qualities of who we really are. These qualities are just waiting for us to see them and claim them. We must use our free will, setting that one intention to discover and release our own inherent worthiness.

Instead of sitting down and making a list of things to change about yourself and your life, set one high and holy intention for the New Year: to see yourself clearly, as you truly are, through the master’s eye. For you are both a master creator and its creation. Everything you long to be, have or do is already within you, just waiting to be seen, accepted, and believed in.

When Michelangelo was asked how he was able to carve the perfection of David from a lump of marble, he answered that David was already there. All he did was remove all the bits that weren’t David. You must do the same.

Remove the “bits” covering up your sacred Self, your inner David.  Realize that all the beliefs you have about your own imperfection, your feelings of “not enoughness”, and your ego desires for more and more are all false. They are not real and they hold no power. They are just the lump of mental marble covering up the perfect masterpiece that is the real you.

There is nothing to fix, no marble to transform. There is only the seeing of the David within you and the removal of anything that isn’t David. The only tool you need for this work is worthiness. Try this New Year’s intention rather than resolutions:

“With this new year, and for every moment after, it is my high and holy intention to claim my true worthiness, my true power, and my true innate perfection; for I am an eternal, all-powerful, master creator. I am joy, therefore I am joyful. I am peace, therefore I am peaceful. I am wholeness, therefore I am healthy. I am abundance, therefore I am prosperous. I am wisdom, therefore I am capable of solving any problem. I am love itself, therefore I am loving—towards myself, my human family, and my Earth. So be itFree Articles, and so it is.”

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Melody Larson is a teacher and writer who is dedicated to helping others with their spiritual awakening journeys. Find free audio lectures, articles, videos, ebooks and much more at her website.

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