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Friday, November 15, 2019
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Home Base Internet Marketing DNA of Success, Why We Fail?

Have you ever think of why we fail? When we can’t reach our goal?What went wrong in the first place or why some people give up their dreams so easily I know success is not an easy task but why we fail?

Have you ever think of why we fail? When we can’t reach our goal?What went wrong in the first place or why some people give up their dreams so easily I know success is not an easy task but why we fail?Jack my mentor told me, for years of his research he found the reasons why people succeed and why they fail. Plus with my years of experience in my off line and online business I would love to share with you what is our findings. In our quest for achievement, we typically make the same mistakes, over and over again.

Let’s see what this common area that we make that mistake:

We don’t know what we want.

We buy into conventional success methodologies and self-help thinking.

We fail to seek or utilize qualified mentors.

We expect too much too soon.

We fail to seek feedback and make course corrections.

We focus more on what we lack than on the strengths, assets and resources we possess.

We procrastinate and succumb to the paralysis of analysis.

We move forward without a plan or strategy and then quit too soon.

How many times have you tried a product, plan, and program or prescribed remedy for a period of time without experiencing the success promised? When we don’t achieve the promised success, we often begin to doubt ourselves. We think we don’t have what it takes, that there is something wrong with us. Worse yet, we may see ourselves as failures.

Then what do we do? Far too often we jump back in and reapply ourselves to the same techniques that failed us before…only this time we “try harder”. We keep repeating this cycle. We remain stuck in a continuous, self – defeating cycle of effort, then failure, because we embrace a paradigm of success that simply doesn’t work.

Incorrect assumptions are the foundation upon which many self-help theories and practices are established. And so we see many people climbing prescribed mountains, only to discover that they don’t really want to be on that mountain at all. For them, the climb is always difficult, never fun and at some point they say, “It’s not worth it to me,” and quit climbing. Perhaps for them the thought of reaching the top was just a whim, a wish, a fantasy or a dream. But your desires will only be fulfilled if they are things you really want to do or become.

Once you discover what it really takes to experience success, happiness, peace of mind and joy—once you discover the true source of success in all areas of your life----self-motivation becomes automatic. You will let go all the techniques and method you have been taught about success.

For example I stop setting up goals many years ago and I still achieve everything I want and at a very high level of satisfaction and joy---in all areas of my life. Once you learn the source of all success you can, too. Everything I have accomplished, I have done without setting any goalsGoals setting experts who tell us to shoot for the moon because even if we miss we ought still hit a star to be told, “We don’t want a star. We want the moon!” What if the Apollo astronauts were these types of goal setters who ended up missing the moon and setting for some star?Why should we settle for less in our lives when we can learn a better way to have what we most desire? By accepting a star instead of the moon, we are being told to settle for less. Settling for less is simply not acceptable.

Let me ask you, just imagine that now your love one are being held or kidnapped and to pay the ransom you must achieve or make 50,000 in your program, “What will you do?”Do you write down a plan or set up goals? How about when you are datingPsychology Articles, do you go all out to impress your date? Any goals set to get that someone you love?Think about it and I will tell you “The Source of All Success” in my next article.

Ask yourself what you want to achieve the success you want and you will get them!

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