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Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Success And Real Wealth

Poverty, in the sense of poorness, comes in many forms. Some are quite specific to geography, occupation, spirituality, or even recreation, to name a few. On the other hand, some forms of poverty are ...

Poverty, in the sense of poorness, comes in many forms. Some are quite specific to geography, occupation, spirituality, or even recreation, to name a few. On the other hand, some forms of poverty are more general. Identifying your current state of 'wealth' or 'poverty' in these areas is a vital step to success. In other words, knowing where you are will help you determine how much you have to do.

What are these three areas that make up this poverty triangle? It has been said that people are either time poor, people poor, or money poor. That statement has enough merit to look at each of the three.

Time Poor

Everybody is allotted the exact same amount of time every day. People only differ in what they do with that time. Where many tend to go wrong in this area is in over-estimating how much time is left to complete something, and under-estimating how long it will take. It's a common mistake. How would you rate yourself?

One way to overcome this time deficit is to develop the habit of being on time, or even early when possible. Of course, being early can mean waiting longer for someone else. You can combat this down-time by having something to work on; catching up on reading, writing down ideas, or making a few phone calls. If you are lacking in this area, start developing the habit of promptness.

People Poor

Family and friends are supposed to be a priority, sadly for some people this is not so. The pursuit of the almighty dollar stays at the forefront, while personal relationships suffer. It's okay to strive for more income to provide the things you and your family want. Yes, that may require long hours and hard work, but it's important to maintain balance. Are there relationships in your life that need some improving? Or, are things going great?

Here are a few thoughts on improving a people poor situation. Schedule time to spend in your most important relationships. When you are spending time with family and friends, enjoy it. This doesn't mean you have to participate in planned activities or vacations, instead try laughing together, talking together, or just being in the presence of one another.

Money Poor

This can be a tough one. The credit card companies make it tempting and easy to go into debt. Advertising whets our appetite for keeping up with our neighbors. We can feel deprived when we don't get the things we think we deserve. It seems to be a vicious cycle. Taking an honest look at your situation is the only way to know where you are.

People who are money poor are often quick to begrudge those who are wealthy. Nevermind that most people who are wealthy have earned it fair and square. This poor attitude contributes greatly to money poorness. Changing attitudes about money can be hard, even if you are a normal person, with a normal job, and a normal paycheck. However, to help change your attitude try this exercise: whenever you hear someone making a comment about the financially well-off being greedy, dishonestFree Articles, or lucky - do your best to politely express the contrary view. Why would you let someone speak badly of something you hold dear?

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