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Friday, July 19, 2019
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Skinny Dip Seduction

I suppose that just about everyone that lives near a creek or a lake takes a skinny dip at some point with a friend. Its quite a normal and natural thing to do actualy. But at least in Robert's case, he never experienced a skinny dip.

With no near by creek, or lake, a skinny dip, at least for him, seemed, a bit out of reach. But life can be surprising at times and can take a strange turn, when you least expect.

The girl he worked with, Julie, had invited him to go to the beach with her and her family. She told him that they were going to a beach where the surf was really great.

As beautiful as this girl was, he was just a tad nervous about her. He wanted to go out with her, but he kept thinking about her Dad's collection of 50 pistols. Her Dad, made a special point of showing Robert his pistol collection the night he brought her home from the office Christmas party.

Robert's desire for Julie kind of slipped out that night when, Julie's Dad said, isnt she a beauty, and Robert said. "Yes, your daughter is exceptionaly beautiful."

Julies Dad, cocked the trigger back on the pistol and said. "I was talking about the pistol, not my daughter."

With that Robert nervously replied. "Yes your pistol is a beauty to."

When Robert mentioned that to Julie. She said. "Oh, he's just trying to bond with you. Anyway he didn't shoot you. Did he?"

Robert thought. "Would I ever like to score with her. But I guess her Dad would shoot me if I did."

He loved it when she tried to turn a good night kiss on the porch into a love fest. He wanted to have a romp with her so bad. But as she slid her hands down the back of his pants on her front porch, he noticed a Lady opening a window and starring at them.

Robert was the kind of guy, that liked to go the whole nine yards. His way was flowers, a romantic dinner, soft music. He had a passion. But her passion, was wanting a tasty treat. All guys were to Julie, were tasty treats.

She didn't think of anything but sex. All she wanted was great sex. But her Dad's gun collection, kept her a virgin. Every guy in her neighborhood was affraid that her Dad would shoot them if they had sex with her.

Robert was turned on my Julie's out of control emotions. He was passionate, but he was thoughtful when it came to passion and he just liked a girl like Julie, that really got his motor running.

With her great body and intensity, it was easy for him to forget where they were. He kept thinking we'll get caught up in a moment of passion, and her Dad will be standing there with one of his pistols.

But then he tought. "Hey, she's worth it. That bod is worth getting shot for."

But yet, something attracted Robert to Julie aside from just the obvious chemical attraction. He just sensed something about her, but he just couldn't understand quite what it was. Robert was a real player.

With his very good looks, women were readily attracted to him. But yet, he was as mental as he was passionate. He wouldn't date a girl, only because she had a fantastic body. He had to like her personality, the way she held a conversation.

Robert wanted it all. He wanted a woman with a dynamite body, but he also wanted a woman that could hold a conversation after he had great sex with her. He knew Julie had a fantastic body, but he just wasn't sure if she had the kind of mind set he expected in a woman.

So, he thought. "I've got to find a way to get to know her a little better before I think about sleeping with her."

But yet all he could think about was sleeping with her. Just hearing her sexy voice would give him an incredible turn on. With her fantastic body, he just abandoned his rule book. He just had to make it with her. She was all he could think of.

He was quite a book reader, and as good looking as he was, he would be just as happy reading a good book as he would be dancing with a fantastic looking woman on a dance floor of a hot club. He had a gentle and caring personality.

He loved life itself, and he had many interests and many curiousities. He would look at things and wonder why they were. Knowledge was an essential ingredient that his whole being craved. He wanted to understand everything, and it made him a little nervous, that he couldn't completly understand Julie.

But he thought to himself. "What's their to understand about Julie? She's a dynamite chic that most guys could only have wet dreams about. But she digs me as much as I dig her. Wow am I one lucky guy."

He loved being single and he loved his freedom. But yet, when he was around her, he kind of got a strange feeling. A feeling that made him even a little affraid and dubious. A feeling as if, perhaps, she was going to change the comfortable world he lived in.

Sure, he had lustful feelings for her that were quite carnal in nature, but there was more, much more. Yes, he couldn't wait to have a roll in the hay with her, but it was more than just sex with her.

He felt someting for Julie, that he never quite felt for any other woman before. It scared the hell out of him. But he really felt deep down, that she was going to crash open the gates of his very happy world that he had gotten so accustomed to. So, he did what most guys do, when they get that feeling, he went for it.

He was losing sleep at night just thinking about her. He had to have her. He didn't know if I wanted to marry her, but his lust for her was overwhelming. His resistence for falling in love would crumble faster that he ever had anticipated.

Yes, he knew that once he was alone with her, those walls of resistance would come tumbling down. Being a red blooded male, he just couldn't resist seeing Julie in a sexy bikini.

So when she said the beach.

"Well, a public place, not bad." He thought.

She had a va, va, va, voom body and he was really looking forward to seeing her in a bikini.

"I'll get to see her fantastic body wrapped up in her tight bikini and she wont do anything to wild to me, with everyone around, and most likely her Dad wouldn't take any of his 50 pistols to the beach with him." So, he thought.

"Okay, I could go for getting a little sun tan anyway."

"Great, I'll come by Saturday morning."

"Thanks, it will be nice having you." She said as she licked her lips with her tongue.

With a seductive smile. He replied.

"Having me."

She smiled back seductively and said.

"Yes, your on my menu".

Then she licked her lips with her tongue again and laughed and said.

"I think you'll make a tasty snack."

"Later, a tasty snack. Oh, what do you have cooking?" He replied.

He knew what she was really saying, of course. It made him feel good to know that she lusted for his body just as much as he lusted for her body. He knew they were destined to have a roll in the hay, soon, very soon.

He knew she would seduce him if he were alone with her. It was just a chemical thing that he could feel. And he wanted it. He just couldn't wait for her to seduce him. But he didn't know if those chemical feelings would be to appropriate when he knew her Dad had a collection of 50 pistols.

So he really liked the idea of the beach, nice and public, and with everyone around, she could only excite him, but not seduce him.

But in a way, she already had seduced him. His pleasant dreams of her were getting more and more intense every night. He wanted her, but he didn't want to play by her rules. He didn't think that true romance should be 100% sex, but yet, she had him sexualy wound up, as if he were a wind up toy.

He couldn't get her off his mind. All night long he dreamed of her. It was a relief when the morning sun streamed into his bedroom at last.

He showered and wondered to himself. "Why am I putting on my most expense cologne, when I'm going to the beach?"

So that morning he showed up at her house all ready for the beach, but she told him she had terrible stomach cramps and couldn't go.

Being a nice guy, and never doing anything of a deceptive nature himself, he bought the stomach cramp story, hook, line, and sinker. He felt genuine concern for her supposed ailment.

Never did it occur to him, that she had any ulterior motives. Being the kind of guy he was, he just wanted to be there for her. Any thoughts of her in a bikini just left his mind. To him at least, she was now a damsel in distress.

"They're all leaving for the beach now, could you stay with me a while?" She asked.

"Sure, let me know what I can do."

So all of her family drove off for the beach and left him there to take care of her, at least he thought. As the car drove away she seemed to perk up.

She turned the stereo on and said.

"Lets dance."

"Lets dance." He said, looking puzzled.

"Yeah, I'm feeling much better now."

Then she played a slow song on her stereo and they started to embrace and kiss. He then felt her hands start to do some unexpected wandering underneath the back of his pants, and then the alarm bells started to go off in his head.

"You smell wonderful Robert." She said, as she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

"You smell good to." Robert replied.

"Oh, she set me up. She got me over here on the beach ploy, and now her family are gone for the day at the beach and I'm all alone with her." He thought.

Then he thought."Wow, what luck. I'm gonna score at last with her. And I don't even have to worry about her Dad shotting me, at least not today anyway."

"Are you here Robert?" She asked.

"What do you mean Julie?" He replied

"Okay Robert, let me draw you a picture. You and I on the beach with my family and all the other people they're. How romantic would that have been?"

"Julie, we would have still been together, that would have been romantic enough for me."

"Oh, Robert, thank you for saying that. No one has ever said anything to me like that. Oh your just so sweet. You have no idea how much you just turned me on. Let me give you a big hug for that."

"Oh Julie, what are you doing? If you're trying to turn me on, its working."

Things were starting to really get steamy. One of her hands were now starting to slide down the front of his pants. He was really starting to get excited, but then he started to think about her Dad's gun collection again.

While unbuttoning his shirt, she was now kissing his chest from the top to the bottom as he felt his shirt slide off. As her hands glided up and down his chest, he wasn't sure what to do. Things were moving very fast.

As he moved his tongue deep inside her mouth, he could feel her nails dig deep into his back. He knew she was getting excited, but he wasn't sure what to do.

He could feel her hands unbuckling his belt. As he said.

"Wait, no, don't do that."

He could feel the zipper of his pants going all the way down.

"Wait for what?" She said as she pulled his pants down his legs with a smile.

"Were going kind of fast here." He said

Before he could finish the sentence he could feel one of her hands slide underneath his bathing trunks.

"Why don't we take a swim in your pool if your feeling better?" He said to her.

He thought being in her pool, out in the open would cool her down a bit.

"I already have the trunks on anway." He tought.

"Okay Sounds good." She said.

She then started to unbutton her blouse, and he just assumed that she had her bathing suit underneath her clothes. But she didn't.

Robert watched with surpise as her bra came off and slid to the floor. Robert thought to himselfFree Web Content, "Oh what a bod."

He stared at the site of her perfectly shaped breasts. Whatching them bounce as she moved gave Robert an instant erection.

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I can only fit about three quarters of my story here. This story and others like it can be found on my web site called Funny.

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