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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Disincorporate And Decentralize

Disincorporate And Decentralize If it seems that big government and big business are in bed together it is only because they are - father and child. Government defines a corporation as an artificial ...

Disincorporate And Decentralize

If it seems that big government and big business are in bed together it is only because they are - father and child. Government defines a corporation as an artificial person. Amen! What if we chose not to do business with artificial persons and traded only with real people? Incorporation is a privilege sold to business by governments. The business receives limited liability, which is to say, limited responsibility. As we have recently seen, a corporation can make fortunes for its operators while stealing from everyone else. The owners are safe from prosecution because they have a government immunity privilege they may have paid millions for, over the years, paid by taxes collected for their creators.

They are the tentacles of the government octopus and major tax collectors. That the creators would bend over backwards to help and protect them is a matter of self preservation and public record. Outlaw incorporation or irresponsibility and the father/child incest comes to an end. So does the whole industry of corporate law. Don't you just love it when a single solution solves many problems? What would things cost if lawyers didn't get a cut of everything?

Easier said than done, huh? Government wants it. Business wants it. Who doesn't? Only those who are tired of the rip offs, poisonings, degraded environment, social repression and all the negative isms, bald faced self interests have created. Protesters are a minority and we all know this is "democracy" where majority rules. Why, if it was not for government and corporations, we would have no jobs and we would all die. Other paid work is just not reliable enough for us. It makes us insecure. We live for paydays. Aaah, there is the rub.

We enter the corporate world by pledge and agreement. We give up our natural rights for the corporate society, the corporate life. We become the bedrock support for the system and rarely know the difference, as we protest the materialism, which cannot exist without our tacit approval and us. When we protest the deeds of power and influence, we protest because it is not ours also. We are excluded from the table. A two sided triangle with only the people missing. It just isn't fair and we hate things when they aren't fair. Don't ask me to fix it. I've got a job, a family and no time for politics. The whole thing can wait for someone who does, and wait and wait.

When professional lawmakers and bureaucrats run the government, workers are not going to change the laws in any meaningful way. Their only real option is to withdraw support from the corporate world and create a non-corporate life. This is decentralization of power and government. It occurs proportionately to the withdrawal of support. If you support that which you despise, you are just another hypocrite. Shut up and do your job, which is your duty. Spend all your money on what you are told. That is your corporate duty too, Ms. Consumer. Let us compete with each other for corporate favor and privilege, as we have been taught so many years. Let us do nothing for ourselves for which we can somehow hire professionals. Let us not govern ourselves. Let us pay someone to govern us. Let us not heal our illnesses, let us hire medicine men. Let us not grow our own food, make our own clothes, build our own homes.

Corporate creatures can hire all things done. When we are finally and gratefully, utterly dependent on folks who mock and despise us, let us cry out with a loud voice, this isn't fair! Let us point our fingers at them and demand satisfaction. Our demands are like spitting into the wind. Let us congratulate ourselves for voting and protesting and go back to our corporate lives. This is not just what it means to be American these days, it is what it means to be Western and civilized. Do as you are told and don't forget to vote for more, more, more of every good thing. This we call freedom. Your children and grandchildren will too, because the corporate world will "educate" them, as they did you and me. In this they never cease, day nor night. In school, on radio, TV and all the major media. Think like this - do like that. And we do.

If we are going to change any of this, we must first change us, which also happens to be the easiest thing to do. Isn't that a happy coincidence? If we will end our own corporate support and enslavement, it begins with that simple question. How can I? Don't expect to receive answers to questions we refuse to ask. Can I have what I really want outside the corporate world? The answer is yes. You can choose not to buy from the corporate world, or at least buy a lot less of it and used, for starters. Likewise, you can choose not to sell to the corporate world and for the first time, your business will be nobody else's. How much you earn or spend is no one's business but yours. How you earn and on what you spend is also highly personal business that becomes semi public the minute you do business with the corporate world. If you work wisely, you can do work you love for more money and less hours than is possible in the corporate world. You don't have to buy million dollar ads on TV to sell your products or services to enough people to earn a comfortable living. You have eliminated the hidden costs of the corporate world.

As more of the Western world comes out of Mystery Babylon, of which the World Trade Center was symbolic, the corporate world fades further in its economic power and influence. Politicians must look elsewhere for campaign financing. We get some relief from the incessant advertising that greases corporate wheels. We separate from a 20th Century machine as we refuse to be cogs in it. The corporate value system is that of the world. It is revealed in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 18, as the merchandise of Babylon - a long list from the highest value to the lowest. At the top is gold, followed by silver and precious stones. At the very bottom are slaves, followed by the souls of men. Does this value system seem familiar? It should, it is over 3,000 years old. When we reject this value systemFind Article, we must operate from some other. Can we take the least valued thing in the Babylonian system and make it the most valuable? Let us disincorporate our lives and the world.

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