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Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Ten Commandments to Write a Heartfelt Love Letter that Conveys “I Love You”

Expressing your feelings on paper adds an eloquence seldom evoked by daily conversations. The language of love is as artful as a dance. Its goal is to delight, rather than to inform. To caress with emotional undertones, rather than to bludgeon with facts.

1. Write a love letter when you’re feeling lovingIts purpose is to express your depth of feeling – your unrestrained emotions. It’s not like a shopping list that you can jot down just by picking up a pen. The intensity of those feelings hitchhike on the words and will be “felt” by the receiver.

2. Hold the image of your lover in your mind, and open your heart to themLet it flow. Capture the emotions that arise from your core. Expressing them adds an eloquence seldom evoked by daily conversations. The language of love is as artful as a dance. Its goal is to delight, rather than to inform. To caress with emotional undertones, rather than to bludgeon with facts.

3. Avoid any practical matters that puncture the moodThis moment is an escape from the tyranny of routine responsibilities. That will come back soon enough. For the moment, only your beloved matters. It’s often said that love is timeless – sink into the timelessness of it. It’s a profound experience – a bonus for writing from (and with) the heart.

4. Take your time in the writing and polishing of itShort or long, this is a unique mode of communication. It doesn’t follow the rules of grammar or business correspondence. Savor the writing experience – you’re doing it for them. Avoid second-guessing what you’ve said (the mind wants to jump in and edit, but doesn’t speak this language well).

5. Use adjectives and descriptive images to “paint” a picture with wordsA love letter creates an alternate reality. One that the heart desires – and shares with another. And in it the rest of the world is held at bay. Don’t feel shy about writing "poetically" to evoke an emotional response. But don’t force it either. Get into specific details about every aspect of their personality, behavior, etc. Don’t worry about saying too much; a person never gets bored by hearing too many wonderful things about himself or herself.

6. Speak what’s true for you – what your feelings believeTruth takes on its own shades of meaning when it comes to romance. Your letter should tell what’s true about them (or your relationship) in your eyes. When you say “you’re the most wonderful person…” with sincerity, it’s absolutely true.

7. Realize that a love letter is a frame of mind that helps to keep love aliveAnd it can and should creep into aspects of your relationship. Expressing love is active. Don’t simply say it, demonstrate it. In a hundred little ways. That’s how the “ties that bind” are created.

8. Express appreciation for who they are, and why they’re important to youThat person is special – and special to you. Make sure they know it. Unlike a “Thank You” note (which has a sense of obligation about it) this is a “Thank Heaven for You!” note.

9. Escape your romantic routines, so your passionate messages stay freshThe goal isn’t to be “good at love letter writing.

” It’s not a technique to be mastered (though you will get better as you continue). The best ones arise from passion. Their authentic and sincere message arises spontaneously. You want to keep re-discovering each other, so your relationship keeps growing.

10. Add extras that delight the emotions and sensesConsider the whole package – not just the words you write. Weave an enchanting experience rich in sensuous details. Handwritten on special paper Add scents. If possible, choose the time and method of delivery.

Deliver a Soon-to-be Treasured MemoryAnd once you’ve written your truly touching words of love, add another element to make the delivery stand out. Send it by Pixel Post. Your loveletter is both public and private because the whole world can read it (but only your sweetheart knows who sent it). Your will appear among the greatest loveletters ever written. Read some pixel-sized loveletters at

Whatever method of delivery you chooseFree Reprint Articles, do make a practice of writing your words of love to each other. It’s a two-way street that’s best traveled together.

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Lynella Grant Capture your lover’s heart by writing down your deepest feelings. Like the “old oak tree” your declaration of love is also public and permanent - online for all to see. Post yours among the greatest ever written

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