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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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How to Design a Target Audience Oriented Brand Logo and Grab Market Share

For a successful brand logo design, you must design a target audience oriented logo. You must explore your target audience thoroughly and understand what elements they want to see in your client’s logo. Examine their demographical and psychological attributes to design an appealing logo.

When you create a custom logo design you can’t design it according to your own wishes. Some logo designers love to design their clients’ logo as per their aesthetic sense and compel the clients to accept their design. What these designers forget is that a brand logo can’t be successful, if it does not appeal to the target audience.

You can impress your client with your lecture, but your audience won’t listen to your technical explanation. They will see the company's brand logo design and immediately judge your design on the basis of beauty and relevance.

Therefore, when you design a logo, you have to keep the target audience in your mind. Know your target audience and make sure that they love your design.

Some of your clients may help you recognize your target audience, but in most of the projects, you have to identify the target market. Learn what elements your audience wants to see in the logo and incorporate those elements to make your logo design successful.

Here are some guidelines that will help you design a customer oriented logo.

1.       Evaluate the Sector- To know your target audience; you first need to know your client’s business sector. For instance, if your client is in automobile industry, then you have to increase your automobile industry knowledge. This will help you understand what symbols, colors and fonts are appropriate for car industry.

You can also study the logo designs of other famous automobile companies and find the essential elements. For example, if you check the logos of famous car companies like Nissan, Volkswagen and Audi, you will be surprised to see that all of them use a circle in their logo design.

2.       Analyze Rival Companies- Once your overall sector study is completed, you should focus on the leading players of your client’s industry. Analyze the elements in their logo and try to understand what makes their logo so popular.

For instance, if your client is in soft drink business, then you can study Coca Cola and Pepsi logo and use the positive elements of their logo in your logo design.

3.       Assess Demographic Attributes- You need to know your target audience properly to design an effective logo. Therefore, you must study the age, gender, race, income etc. of your target consumers. Depending upon these informations, you can shape up your logo design.

For instance, the target audience of “Toys r us” is kids and they have designed their logo keeping the target audience in mind.

4.       Examine Psychological Attributes- Apart from the demographic details; you must have a good understanding of your audience’s psychology as well. Take a survey to understand your target customers’ psychological traits, such as, values, attitudes, lifestyle pattern etc.

For instance, if you are designing the logo of a religious organization, then you must realize the beliefs of your target audience. Otherwise, your logo may hurt their feelings and create a controversy.

5.       Put Your Logo through a Trial Run- You should not release your logo without a trial run. Before you show the final logo design to your target consumers, show it to a group of people and take their feedback. If this group gives you positive feedback, then you can reveal the logo to your entire audience.

Whether you are selling products or designing a logo, your target audience is always the king. When you show the final logo design to your client, explain him how the logo will help him attract his target audienceComputer Technology Articles, and he will happily accept your design.

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