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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #32

Forgiveness!  Not only do we need to forgive others, we need to forgive ourselves for perceived wrongs.  When we don't forgive, we hold it in our bodies and can manifest excess weight.  Releasing it creates a sense of aliveness, which results in being an irresistible magnet for health.

Forgiveness!   Is it hard or easy to forgive? What happens when we don’t forgive?  Right now, are you feeling anger, resentment or rejection in your body because you haven’t forgiven?  These are some great questions to ask yourself.  Guess what?  If you’re not happy with your current weight, do you think you’re holding on to the past? I would strongly encourage you to seek forgiveness and finally release the past. That anger, shame, resentment, rejection…..or whatever the emotion…. is manifesting in excess weight.  Give it to God to handle so that you can go on with your life in radiant joy and get that negative energy out of your body.  You want to feel vibrant, don’t you? 

You know, I’ve asked the Universe to support my desire to speak in front of several groups of women and my call has been answered.  Having said this, during a recent speaking engagement while using the RET and EFT stress release process, I recently encountered a woman who was resistant in letting go of her anger towards someone from her past.   

She acknowledged that she was resistant, but expressed that, “it couldn’t be this simple to use RET and EFT to finally let go of this.”  She had held on to this perceived wrong doing and lived in struggle for so long that she would not allow herself a new way of thinking.  She also expressed that she did not want this person “off the hook” that easily as well.   

Remember forgiveness is not about condoning the behavior.  It is about releasing it from your body, your being.  When you don’t release it, those emotions tied to not forgiving are in your cells and manifest themselves in physical symptoms.   

Do you know who we need to also forgive?  Ourselves! 

When I was going through my illness years ago, I got the opportunity to watch Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah and was captivated by her story of overcoming obstacles and triumphing.  She wrote a book entitled, One Day My Soul Opened Up, and her message is invaluable.  I am providing an excerpt from that book:

Once you become willing to grow, you will discover that you are not at all angry with someone for doing something to you.  You are actually angry with yourself.  You are angry because you now understand how you helped create your own experiences.  You also recognize that the purpose of those experiences was to teach you the truth about yourself, and remind you of the truth about God.   

Willingness is also an excellent vision cleanser.  It gives you the ability to see yourself in other people.  When you enter a relationship, you are going to meet yourself in the actions, behaviors and beliefs of those involved in the relationship with you.  In some way, those people are going to do and say to you the very things you have been doing and saying to yourself.   

You will come face to face with all the things about you that you know, and a few of which you are completely unaware.  You are going to meet your good side, your bad side and the side for which you probably have no name.   

Because willingness works like an antibacterial agent, it will remove the germs of guilt, shame, anger, fear and resentment, which could deny you the opportunity to get really clear.  Once you are clear, you will be able to see exactly who you think you are by looking at what you expect and tolerate from other people.” 

WOW!!  Very powerful message, right?  I read this and could see myself in my interactions with others.  It was very profound and life-changing for me. 

I needed to forgive myself for many things, and one of those was thinking that I was responsible for my dad’s death.  My dad died when I was fourteen years of age, and I carried with me for many years the burden of that perceived wrong doing.  I manifested many physical symptoms as a result.  You can read about my journey in Close Kept Secrets to Overcoming Illness.   

So let’s practice forgiveness of ourselves and others:  

Take out a mirror and look into it while reading the following statements.  If you don’t have a hand-held one, then go stand by a mirror.   

____ (Fill in your name), I forgive you for ______ (fill in the blank with whatever it is you need to forgive yourself for).  I know that you were doing the best you could. 

__ , I forgive you for _________________________. 

__ , I forgive you for _________________________.

__ , I forgive you for _________________________. 

There might be several things you want to forgive yourself for or you might just have a few things.  The important thing is to focus on forgiving so you can release it. 

Now, do this same process for all the others in your life you want to forgive by filling in the blank with their name(s).   

We’re going to end with an EFT process and I’ve outlined the points below.  Use your index finger and middle fingers together and tap on the points while saying the following 5 or more times: 

1) EB – Beginning of the eyebrow, closest to the bridge of the nose

2) SE – Side of the eye (either eye) closest to the ear

3) UE – Under center of the eye on cheekbone (either eye)

4) UN – Under nose

5) UL – Under lip

6) CB – Right below the collarbone (either side)

7) UA – Under the arm, about 4 inches below the arm pit (either arm)

8) CR – Crown of head.  Tap all over the top of the head.

9) Form a fist and rub in a clockwise motion over your heart 

I love myself!

I love everyone who has showed up for me!

I am perfect just as God created me!

I am powerful!

I am beautiful!

I am owning all my power!

I am responsible for my future!

I am unconditional love!

I am moving through life with ease! 

While rubbing your heart, say I love you_____________________(your name). 


Forgive yourself and others, and have that freedom from those burdens.  You will radiate such amazing joy and love that people will wonder if you’re on some kind of drug.  You can tell them you are HIGH! See how incredible this is.  That’s why energy release sessions have long term value.  You can actually release things from your past and be done with them.  I’m available to help you release everything you’ve been holding on to.  You can even do these in the comfort of your own home and get the same incredible results as if you were right here in the physical.  Call me and ask your important questions.  

God intends for you to show your light.  Is your light shining bright?  I can’t see it.  Illuminate it brightly so that I can see it from where I sit in Bremerton, Washington. 

I love you! 

Love and hugs, 


Helping people fall in love….with themselves

Tami Close

Weight Loss Consultant

2916 N.W. Bucklin Hill Rd. #291

SilverdaleBusiness Management Articles, WA  98383


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Tami Close helps people fall in love…with themselves.   She is a weight loss consultant and uses an integrative method, including cleansing and nutritional products from Isagenix, in her weight balancing program.  She is a #1 best selling co-author with Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, Wake Up...Live the Life You Love Finding Personal Freedom.  

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