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Friday, April 3, 2020
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4 Suggestions for Better Sales Copy

If you want better results for your sales page than this article is for you. Learn  how to improve customer response to your sales page by offering your best information up front, focusing on what you want your visitor to do, planting questions in your visitors mind and keeping your reader moving to the inevitiable conclusion.

If you promote  products or services on the Internet don't you want to sell as much as possible?. Because your sales page is your salesperson  it makes sense to insure it does the best possible selling job for you. Here are four suggestions to improve any sales page...

Should You Actually Give Away Your Best Information Up Front?

Some say you should offer your most closely held  ideas up front. But is this a good idea? Absolutely! How come?

The reason is this cements your expertise first and that separates you from the crowd. It also showers you with credibility which is something you'd pay a fortune for if you could buy it.

Sow Questions in Your Customer's Mind to Pique Interest.

Our heads are designed to answer questions. Remember when I asked a question above? The purpose was to illustrate this point but there was another reason too. Suppose I'd said "Put your best foot forward" you'd promptly shut me out because you already "knew" what I was going to say. By putting forth the question you not only kept reading but also kept searching for an answer. And that's something any author wants from a reader. But there's more...

Keep Your Reader's Moving

As copywriter Joe Sugarman explains. writing copy that becomes a "slippery slide" for the reader. Your headline directs the reader to the sub-headline, the sub-head to the opening paragraph and so on... so the reader ends up at the order button with no other logical action but to buy.

Your sub headlines, bold and highlighted text should help. Judicious use of bold and highlighted type points out important points while helping scanners "get it" as they whip through your page. Emphasize key phrases and words to compel them to look closer. You also want to create curiosity and make your benefits stand out.

What Did You Expect?

How many people visit your site and leave because they don't have a clue about what you want them to do? If not this could may hurt your conversion rate.

Too many sales pages never make it clear what they are selling much less what they expect out of the customer. So how do you avoid this?

Make it clear what you expect If you want the sale ask for the sale. If you want a name ask for it. It's all right to ask for both but make sure you state your case for THE most important outcome you are seeking.

Offer compelling arguments such as benefits as to why they should do what you want but don't beat around the bush - state what you want from the visitor.

By putting your best foot forward, planting questions in reader's heads, starting them on a "slippery slope" and showing them clearly what you expect from themFind Article, you'll increase visitor response to your web page significantally. And that will directly affect your profits.

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