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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Achieve Your Goals

A good question in a world of failing economies is how do I achieve my goals? Many people say they are setting goals but just make wishes that never materialise. They do not have the desire to overcome all the obstacles that will present themselves on the route to achievement. How many times have you wished that you could change some aspect of your life, unless you have the drive and ambition to do something about it will never happen - Sorry!

How do you change your life. A good question in today's world of failing economies you may well ask how do I achieve my goals.

Look back when was the last time you wanted something so badly that you would do almost anything to get it? You know that feeling of desire that drives you onward to achieve goals.

That feeling is the feeling you must have within you whenever you set a goal for the future. If you do not feel butterflies in your stomach, a tightening of your gut, a dryness in your throat, when you think of your goal you will never achieve it.


Stop for just a moment, I hate to ask you to look back for I believe that as we cannot change the past, it is history and should be left that way. But, just on this occasion, can you look back on your life and recall a situation where you felt that way about something. Now think did you not achieve what you wanted 99% of the time you felt like that.

This moment, is the most important moment in your life. Why? Because you can only do something in this precise moment before it too slips into your history as an underachievement. How many times have you wished that you could change some or all aspects of your life

Well I have got news for you unless you apply this little secret you will still be wishing in 20 years time. Why? Because you did not want to change enough.

What's that you say? 'But I really want to change.When you tell me that the feeling you have for your goal is as if your head was being held under water and your lungs are about to burst and your desire for air is all you have in your mind, then you will succeed in anything you want to do.'

You see so many people say they want to change and really do not mean it, what they want is some easy method, some magic bullet. There are obstacles of life to overcome and many when faced with the first one give up on their quest convincing themselves that they are OK as they are.


Usually at the New Year people make all sorts of promises to themselves regarding the year ahead. People do mean to change when they say the words. They are sincere, but life just gets in the way.

No doubt you and they are quite sincere when you say the words, but as soon as a challenge comes along the grass does not look that green on the other side of the fence, better the devil you know and all that.

You do not just have the 1st of January to create a new future, however if you do not have that lung bursting desire you will fidn change too difficult.

On the other hand the more deep your hunger is the more committed you will be to achieve your goal. Do not think about what may happen if you do not achieve what you want ONLY think about success. You will build a mental platform of success and as Somerset Maugham said 'It is a funny thing about life if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.'

Your future is in your hands do not let success slip through your fingers grasp every opportunityFind Article, you deserve success - Don't YOU?

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For over 25 years David has been revealing the extra secret for successful goal achievement to hundreds of individuals helping ordinary people from all walks of life achieve their life goals without becoming a'Guru' Now he reveals the secret through his articles books and blog to reach out to as many as possible. In fact you can take the first step and get a free report to help you on your way to success

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