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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Detox Your Mind with Hypnosis

Certain types of thoughts have an incredibly toxic effect upon your life.  What you think you become.  If you want to change habits, you have to learn how to change your thoughts.

Thoughts can be toxic. We tend to think of toxicity in terms of physical symptoms which are experienced as a result of habits; but if you really care to scratch beneath the surface you will realize that toxic habits are almost always the result of toxic thoughts.

Thoughts can be toxic in many different ways. One example of toxic thoughts is that of revisiting the same things over and over again. You can chew over things again and again, but you have to know how best to chew. Another example of toxicity is when you try to not do something; you will usually find that you will want to do it more (think of dieting, or stopping drinking, or stopping smoking); it's like trying to close the lid upon Pandora's Box. Negativity in general is in itself toxic, and then there are limiting toxic self-beliefs such as feelings of worthlessness, weakness, or addictiveness.

If you think you are addicted to something you probably will be, such is the pervasive power of one's mind. The same applies if you feel weak or worthless; you will live within these erroneous and toxic beliefs. Negativity of any description is so toxic that it quite literally drags you down.

I'm sure that everyone would like to be able to walk into a shop and pay a few bucks for a bottle of "anti-toxicity" medicine and know that simply by partaking of two spoonfuls a day you would be cured. Imagine a life free from these toxic thoughts? How great would that be? Imagine how wonderfully light and free you could feel, always optimistic and positive and seeing the good in everything around you.

But we know that this particular medicine does not exist; not in the shops at least and not in the form of medicine which comes in a bottle. These are thoughts which we are dealing with. It's not a cold or a broken bone or something else which has a physical cause and a physical cure. The only way in which you can change your thoughts is to do just that - you have to change your thoughts.

Now you would think that that should be easy, wouldn't you? After all, you know that you are the only person who can control your thoughts; nobody else has control of your mind. But it is ever so easy to forgo your own control of your mind...instinctive and habitual thoughts fight against logical choices and decisions which you make and those deeper rooted thoughts tend to win.

This is why hypnosis is in fact the true "anti-toxic" medicine. With hypnosis you can access your subconscious mind which is the part where those instinctive and habitual thoughts are stored. Simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 you can detox your thoughts and clear your mind. With hypnosis you can feel a wonderful sense of freedom as you gain control of your own mind once again.

Roseanna LeatonFree Reprint Articles, specialist in hypnosis mp3s for well-being.

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