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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Journal For Life: The Art Of Capturing How We Live

Author: Lee ... Date: 2003Word Count: 2128 ... 60 JOURNAL FOR LIFE The Art Of ... How We Live © Lee Wise 2003 All rights ... will share with you a few of my on

Author: Lee Wise
Copyright Date: 2003
Word Count: 2128 w/bio
Characters/line: 60

The Art Of Capturing How We Live
© Lee Wise 2003 All rights reserved

I will share with you a few of my on-going thoughts
regarding the practice of keeping a journal.

I am not an expert on subject: but I am a proponent of
the art.

This is a highly *personal* article, and segments of what
I have written may not read well in your opinion.


There's a reason for my leaving things as they are: most of
what you will peruse in this short piece is from my journal,
and I don't always make entries that "read well."

On the contrary, my overall purpose for keeping a journal is
to engage in a practice which helps me *live well.*

May these very simple -- but hopefully not simplistic --
meditations be a blessing to you in any one of the
following ways. Should that transpire, I will deem the
time and effort I have taken to formulate these ideas a
success. It would be an honor for me if what I share...

1. Encourages you to begin the practice of keeping a
journal or at least give it a try for a period of

2. Causes you to reflect on your own life in a way
that is meaningful for you.

3. Prompts you to continue living "the good life."
A life of excellence.

4. Inspires, encourages or motivates you in any way!


Recently I decided to begin the practice of journaling once
again in my life. In order to assist me in the process, I
joined a forum and began to engage in a "21 Day Challenge"
of personal development.

As a part of the process, I wrote down my own guidelines
for the adventure.

"I will give myself the freedom to be creative in my

It may be a quote, recording a victory, joy, or
struggle. I will also give myself the freedom to vary
in my 'purpose' for each journal entry.

I may 'use' my time for simple expression,
professional development or a variety of other
on-the-spot 'reasons' for a day's entry. In this way I
will attempt to capture a 'life in process' -- the
journey of my days during this time period."

In other words, I defined what I wanted to accomplish with a
measure of personal freedom and creativity in mind. I did
not want to jump-start a 21-day guilt trip for myself by
setting my expectations to high!

In addition, I decided to design something that was
"doable." Below was the backbreaking endeavor I set out to
accomplish .

"Goal: 15 out of 21 days, M-F. each week."

Based on my experience, I have two recommendations for you.
Should you decide to begin or renew your own practice of
journaling, I would encourage you to:

1. Design a "non-killer" objective. In your own mind
what you set out to do should be *believable* and

2. Define a set of "guidelines" or statements that will
serve to free you in the process.

Having said that, I will now continue to share a number of
random observations, insights and suggestions related to the
art of keeping a personal journal.

The comments after the headings in capital letters are the
thoughts from my journal. They are in quotation marks and
will serve as a running commentary to highlight the main
topic of discussion.

I would suggest that you...


One of my first entries after I made the decision to begin
my journaling activity was this:

"Being 'prepared' helps -- i.e. a journal file open
and ready to record things if the opportunity comes

Get something to record in.
Make it visible."

If I were to continue that line of thinking today, I would

"Take note of the time frames and locations that 'just
seem to fit' when it comes to 'making it all happen.'

Capture those moments that appear to rise up and say
to you: 'Now is a good time' or 'This is a good

Preparing does help. It really does."


I wrote these words about the "freeing aspect" of my goals:

"Glad I 'freed myself' by making it simple and attainable --
that helps.

Principle: create your own 'emotional freedom.'

Do whatever you have to do in order to give you...

A sense of freedom as opposed to obligation,
Delight instead of duty,
Encouragement instead of exasperation."


"Just starting the process helps.

How do you get up the mountain? Begin. Not new, but true.

Like anything else, just beginning the process helps.
That's an advantage of making it simple and attainable."


Concerning the importance of incorporating into your life
anything that prompts you to accomplish your mission, I

"Utilizing the motivation of this board helps.

Utilize whatever -- or whoever -- personally
motivates you to 'get the job done.'"


These comments speak for themselves:

"Do what's fun.

Structure it in a way that is fun or record in a way that is

Incorporate the 'fun factor' into your journaling
experience. I have found that helpful."


One day I decided to create a "gratefulness ledger" and
record various things for which I was thankful. I could
have listed *many* additional items.


My goal was to give me freedom, remember? I wanted to see
life that day through grateful eyes.

Here is what I recorded:

"Gratefulness ledger for this day...

I'm grateful for a loving, godly wife.

I'm grateful for good health and the Lord's blessing
with my health.

I'm grateful for my ministry and the leaders He has
given me to serve with.

I'm grateful for being able to influence others for

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to continue
to develop my writing skills.

I'm grateful for a loving family.

I'm grateful for a past that didn't totally destroy me.

I'm grateful I can pray."


On another occasion I designed a section called "about
journaling" and recorded these thoughts concerning how we
we journal. A given "style" if you please.

"Changing the 'style' helps.

For instance, this day I quickly wrote down ideas in
the 'Here and there' section, added the 'About
journaling' section, began with a paragraph style,
and added a 'Gratefulness ledger for the day' section.

These were all spontaneous ideas."

Please push the pause button on your mental control panel
for a few seconds and visit this phrase once again:

I would encourage you to be spontaneous as you journal.
Spontaneity and creativity are soul mates.

Are you "in" to pictures? Add a photo to the pages of your
journal. After all, a journal is an expression of your life.

That is only one example. I'm sure you will discover many
additional avenues to explore as you express *your* life,
in *your* way, in *your* journal.


A journal can be a place to collect various types of wisdom.

One day I recorded this observation:

"People Insights...

Transparency goes a long way in 'connecting' with people.

For instance, today in my class I shared about dealing with
temptations. I'm sure that my openness and transparency
assisted me in having the students be open to what I was


By "follow your desires" I mean do what you feel like doing.

As an example, I enjoy creating quotes. The ones below were
crafted as a part of my journaling process. I was "in the
mood." Remember, spontaneity and creativity are soul mates.

©Lee Wise 2003

The blend of kindness, honor, humility and respect I choose
to reflect to the people I touch in my everyday world.

©Lee Wise 2003

The opportunity God gives me to seek
His face and quietly trust Him with the
deepest needs of my soul.


While going through some hard times, I recorded my
feelings about the times we call "hard."

I penned these reflections...

"Expect and accept your emotional ups and downs. You may
find your emotional pendulum swinging in wide range of
directions, for instance. In my way of thinking, it's
gotta happen!'

Don't expect or demand everything to make sense. It doesn't.

I think there is a measure of acceptance about life that is
required of all of us sooner or later.

I'm not talking about an acceptance that turns a blind eye
to injustices, inequities, or the pains associated with our
journey on earth: an acceptance that does nothing.

I am, however, speaking of accepting the best we can to the
tensions in life. The tensions we face as we find ourselves
located at various places along the sliding scales that run
somewhere between the good and evil, pain and pleasure, in
our own life experiences.

For me, as a Christian, I can say 'I don't have to know why.
It's enough for me to trust God and walk through this with

Return to whatever brings you stability and comfort.

This could be any number of practices or people that have
helped you during the difficult days of your past.

If walking, journaling, resting, praying, talking to a
trusted friend, or listening to music helps you, then take
a walk, write in your journal, take an extra nap, pray, talk
to a friend or listen to the music!

The point: do whatever you need to do for your own comfort
and stability."


As I was intently viewing a television program, I wrote:

"I'm watching the Hallmark special, and again I'm
reminded of the love, strength and fortitude of moms.

Impressions recorded in church one day went like this:

"Today's choices become tomorrow's legacy.'

The choices you make today will, over time, become
your personal legacy."

"Creativity communicates. It can...

Inspire to action,
Challenge the mind,
And touch the heart."


I will share two examples from my journal:

"Leadership insight: keeping people informed every step of
the way during change is needed."

"Each role we have in life has its unique set of demands and
fresh opportunities for growth and renewal. We are in an
on-going process of "becoming." The question we must face
is: 'Who?'"


After reading a section of a book, I noted:

If I looked at a primary role in my life to be one of a
listener and learner...

What would that mean for me?

How would I change?

What wisdom would I collect?

Who would I contact?

How would it affect my 'time' with God?


One day I decided to record a few -- just a few mind you -- of
the advantages of journaling.

I have chosen to limit my comments concerning the advantages
of journal keeping to that singular day.


For two reasons:

1. The purpose of this article is to encourage you
in the art of journaling and give you a few "how
to" ideas along the way.

2. Not enough space. It is a lengthy article as it

My reflections went something like this:

"The advantages of keeping a journal...

It helps you remember.

This is only my 10th day of starting to journal, and in
reading over some of the thoughts I've written I
realize they aren't as "fresh."

It is a good place to quickly store ideas.

Good ideas.
Ideas that can make a difference in your life.

You can begin projects in your journal.

Kind of like an on-going file folder for a
'someday project.' Like writing an article on
journaling, maybe LOL!

You can record suggestions or advice you give to others.

An example: I recorded in my journal questions and
thoughts to share with a couple about whether or not
they should stay in their present ministry or seek
another place to serve the Lord."


Long or no, I hope that somewhere in these 2000 or so
words you have been motivated, inspired, encouraged or
challenged in one way or another.

And I congratulate you for making to the end of this

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time,


P.S. The forum I referred to where I took part in the "21
Day Challenge" is Total Life Success. If you decide to
stop on by, be sure to say "Hi" to Mark from Lee! Here's
the link -->

Lee is a seminary administrator, has a part-time business
at homeComputer Technology Articles, and writes two motivational ezines: "A Beautiful
Moment In Time" and "Hope For Daily Living." Permission
is given to distribute article. This paragraph must be
included. Email:

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Lee is a Seminary Administrator, has a part-time home business, and enjoys writing two family friendly ezines that are motivational in nature.

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