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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Panic Attacks - Could Negative Self Talk Be Causing Your Panic Attacks?

Negative Self Talk is probably the source of a lot of worry and doubt in your life. People, who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or lack of self confidence, tend to constantly think the worst and imagine the worst. Rather than attacking problems head on, these people think of everything that could possibly go wrong. This type of thinking simply fuels the worry and leads to massive apprehension that can have negative physical and emotional impacts.

What causes panic attacks? Why do some people have them and some donīt?  Why do they happen at certain times and not others? These are just a few of the questions that race through the mind of anxiety sufferers.

There are so many questions pertaining to why, that you could spend your life obsessing over it. One of the reasons that you may be experiencing extreme problems with fear, stress and worry is that you fuel your bodyīs apprehension with a lot of negativity. 

Negative self talk are the things we tell ourselves that are not helpful, not motivating and quite often paralyzing. We canīt do this; everyone will think weīre crazy if we even suggest it; donīt wear red, someone might notice you. These are just some of the notions that flood through anxiety sufferers minds. 

Another panic inducing thought begins with "what if" followed by hundred or thousands of terrible, catastrophic scenarios. What if I talk to my boss about a raise and he fires me. What if I ask that girl out on the second floor and she says no and tells everyone about it? What if people laugh at me? What if I give a presentation and trip on the way to the podium? What if, what if, what if....  
These two little words have the ability to steal the confidence of anyone but particularly a panic attack sufferer.

Eliminating this self doubt from your thoughts can go along way towards reducing any anxiety you might experience when you encounter a difficult or unusual event during the day. Negative thoughts make you doubt your abilities and avoid certain tasks and activities. Reverse this trend by eliminating these thoughts and replacing them with more positive thoughts. 

Take a few moments and think about some of your negative thoughts.  Write a few done. Make your list!!!

For example, you could write I canīt speak in front of others or I am a weakling. Look at your statements. Is there any basis for what have you written. Analyze it carefully and critically, not emotionally. For example, if you wrote that you canīt speak in front of others, think about whether that is really true. Donīt you speak to other people all the time, to your friends, to your family, maybe even to your classroom when you were in school? 

What if you wrote down you are afraid of tripping in front of other people and as a result, you constantly tell yourself, donīt trip, donīt trip.....  What is the likelihood of you actually tripping if you are wearing appropriate shoes? But more than that, what is the worst that could happen if you trip? You skin your knee? Life will go on. 

To counter panic attacks, you need to begin with the negative self talk that is fueling your worry and anxiety. Analyze the negative thought, consider them as you would a problem at work or in school and determine the likelihood and consequences of such a thing happening. 

Often, you will find your worries are quite overblown and not necessary in your day to day life.  Try to think of positive thoughts that you can build yourself up with throughout the dayFind Article, such as “I can do it”. 

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