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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Meet Them Where They Are

Salespeople are as individual as snowflakes. The way they communicate, sell, and build relationships is equally unique. If you want to lead them, you have to meet them where they are. †Hereís wha...

Salespeople are as individual as snowflakes. The way they communicate, sell, and build relationships is equally unique. If you want to lead them, you have to meet them where they are.

†Hereís what often happens in sales departments all over the world. The sales manager picks a goal, picks a process, and shares it with the sales team. Itís a Ďdo thisí mentality. This process is usually one that served the sales manager well when she was a sales person. She believes that since it worked for her, itíll work for everyone.

†Sales managers also believe that itís their job to direct their staff; itís their job to structure the way their salespeople behave. They create the plan and then expect the salespeople to follow it. They decide when to do ride-alongs, when the salespeople should be in the office, and when they should be out in the field. They decide how the sales people should sell, what they should say, who they should say it to, and where they should go. And, they are wrong.

†A good sales manager knows that sheíll be successful when her salespeople are successful. Itís not about what worked for her; itís about what works for the sales staff Ė individually. Respecting their unique capabilities and needs will help her help them.

†A good sales manager knows her salespeople. Sheís taken the time to get to know them and how they operate. Sheís talked with them about how they plan to succeed, and what they need to make that happen. Then the sales manager works with the salesperson to help them craft a plan that is unique to them. Together they develop a reporting system that makes sense.

†Itís the sales managerís job to work with her sales people in a way that is best for them, not her. This individualized attention will ensure that their needs are being met and that they have the tools they need to succeed. Since no two people are the same, it stands to reason that no two people will need the same plan and assistance to reach their goals.

†Creating a one-size fits all type of sales program only works for the sales manager. It makes it easier on the sales manager because they have to expend less effort. Unfortunately, it isnít going to get them the results that they want.

†When you want to be successful and you want your staff to be successfulFind Article, youíll work with them to create strategies that work for each sales person. Youíll take the time to give each sales person what he or she needs to succeed. They will rise to the occasion because you are empowering them to create their own success. Thereís nothing worse than being forced to work someone elseís program. Donít force your staff to work yours.

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Diane Helbig is an internationally recognized business and leadership development coach, author, speaker, and radio show host. As a certified, professional coach, president of Seize This Day Coaching, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. Diane is the author of Lemonade Stand Selling, and the host of Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio show.

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