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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Are diet pills safe?

Despite such harmful side effects, it’s scary to know that most of these over-the-counter drugs are marketed as “safe” herbal pills.

In a desperate attempt to shrink their bodies, most people are taking a variety of diet pills each day totally ignorant of the harmful side effects they may bring along. Generally, all over-the-counter drugs are concoctions of the same basic ingredients that have either appetite suppressing abilities or metabolism boosting qualities.

How safe these pills actually are is evident from the small study that was conducted by the University of California. The study, which was reported in the American Journal of Medicine, was administered on ten healthy adults who were asked to take Xenadrine EFX, Advantra Z, and a placebo on three different occasions. The short-term cardiovascular responses for each participant were then measured to see the effects of these drugs. It was observed that Xenadrine increased the blood pressure by 9 to 10 points on an average as compared to placebo while Advantra had no such impact on blood pressure. After consuming both these products, elevated heart rates were observed after about six hours from the time they were consumed.  

Despite such harmful side effects, it’s scary to know that most of these over-the-counter drugs are marketed as “safe” herbal pills. These pills can even create life-threatening situations in case of individuals who already have certain health problems such as high blood pressure and poor cardiovascular fitness. Certain diet pills tend to exacerbate these conditions and impair a person’s health forever.

Some doctors also recommend these pills to their patients who are morbidly fat and are facing serious health implications due to excess weight. There are patients who take anti-depressants, appetite suppressants, and anti-seizure pills together and yet manage to lead a healthy life. Many doctors however regard this as an untested practice and refrain from endorsing such products.   

In fact, some medications are deemed unfit for human beings. For instance, Clenbuterol that is actually suitable for horses has been used by several people as a kind of diet medication. So, this brings us to an important question – which diet pills are safe for human consumption? The truth is that many diet pills are not actually meant for diets and are nothing but some kind of anti-depressant or appetite suppressant medications.

ADD and ADHD drugs or Adderall and Ritalin pills are not weight reduction drugs and should be avoided since they can trigger psychotic episodes and chemical independence. Heart palpitations, fast heart beat, nausea, impotence, depression, dizziness, and jitters are some of the major side effects that you may experience after consuming these drugs. The biggest threat however would be addiction to these drugs in the long run.  

The key to good health lies in a proper diet and not in diet pills. While only a small percentage of obesity can be attributed to genetic factors, excess weight is often a result of poor diet, lack of exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle. Fast food is a major contributing factor to fat gain, as we tend to consume high proportions of sodium and fat than we actually need. It is believed that people who eat fast food three or more times a week are at a high risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes, and becoming obese.


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