Top Reasons that Shows SEO Is Dead

Jan 5




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SEO is setting harder and tough day by day. Online marketers are now moving their budgets from SEO to paid marketing services. What are the main reasons behind it.


There is no doubt about the fact that with the passage of each single year the Google is seems to be dominating the world of internet. Hence at some stage it is even holding back the monopoly on consumer searches. As the social media has been making up with some progress along with the introduction of some new trends in the consumer behaviour category this SEO planet it finding some hurdles in its functioning! Sometimes it do acts as if it is dead! What are those main reasons that are affecting it on the larger scale?

Important and Top Reasons that Shows SEO Is Dead

1. Organic Reach is Low:
No doubt that still Google is mentioned to be one of the most dominating force in search-engine traffic but this frame has been completely changed in the past few years. Foremost the organic reach is found to be very much low. By definition we would say that organic reach is the total number of people shown your post all the way through unpaid distribution. If the users are not making the use of your site for searching then eventually the organic would be low. Users have made their way towards the internet search as the need of the keywords and ads have become so important in the whole world. Many online Article Rewriter tools saved the bloggers for their effort but still organic reach can't meat.

2. People Want Exactly What Their Friends Have:
It would not be wrong to say that people have lost their faith and trust in the Google searches. Therefore they are finding some new ways out from it. Facebook is the one of the best and new steps that is giving some kind of largest threat to Google's market share. If the users are searching about some hotel then they pave their path to the Facebook so that they can learn about the reviews of the customers who already visited that place. Users are much more interested to know that what their friends' favorite restaurant besides knowing the fact that what restaurant is on the first page that comes up on a local Google search.

3. Mobile Apps and Niche Social Networks are Expanding:
Each single person do make sure that when they are undergoing with some search work they would firstly opening their mobile phones for it. Consumer greater sum of traffic is making their way inside the mobile applications along with social networks that has slow down the SEO searchers. As the competition among the online is rising there is a strong appealing factor captured within the specific niches exclusively.

4. Facebook Is Effective:
On the last on our list we would talk about the Facebook! You would not be agree on our fact but so many people are not trusting so much on Google and have a strong faith in Facebook. Facebook is like another planet that shows you so many faces. But on the other side Google is facing the lack of incorporation of social proof. Social proof is coming out to be one of the finest and yet the biggest driving factors in consumers' decisions today.
Well these have been some of the main and vitally important reasons that shows that how SEO is losing is importance! Do you still think that SEO is that much strong in ranking your website with the top page charts?

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