Affiliate marketing training manual for all(7-10)Untapped free marketing tools.

Mar 6


Jaco Steenkamp

Jaco Steenkamp

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There are free marketing tool that nobody seems to know about or if they know about it do not use,these tools can make you a fortune with your affiliate marketing program if used correctly.


In the previous article we looked at my favourite free marketing tool,article writing.In this article we will look at some under utilized free marketing tools,these marketing tools are:1)Forums.2)Product review.3)P2P.4)Web 2.0.Forums.Forums are places where people with a common interest come together,you just need to find the wright forum where people are discussing your chosen affiliate marketing program product.You then just need to join the discussion and become a regular contributor.The main reasons for doing this is that it will let you find out what your potential customers are looking for.You will also build up a reputation ass a expert and it will refer members to your website by way of your affiliate link.Do not join this forums and start posting your adverts.This will get you baned from the forums.You need to actively contribute and then gradually put you advertising in.To find forums about your affiliate marketing program product,go to Google.In the search line type "your product+forums"Product reviews.There are websites on the Internet with the sole purpose of publishing reviews of affiliate marketing programs.The purpose of these reviews is to inform people of the pros and cons of a product.These reviews can be positive or negative.You can find these review directories at best way to use these product review directories is to wright a negative review about some similar product that you have used that did not work.You then suggest your product as a alternative.The alternative is to wright a positive review about your affiliate marketing program product.In this you must state all the advantages your product have over the competition and all of its pros.P2PPerson to person or p2p is when you send advertising material directly from your PC to other peoples PC,s.This is done with bit torrents and file sharing networks.Good bit torrent websites can be found at mini nova,the pirate bay and torrent reactor.If you want more do a google search.The important thing to remember about 2p2 is that you are giving other people limited access to your computer.If you are not certain how to do this find help,because if you do this incorrectly these people will have access to your whole computer and that can lead to many headaches.Web 2.0This is the one free traffic generating system that can blast your affiliate marketing program into orbit.Their are a secret that you need to use.It is not difficult,but you will have to cloak your link to your website.You can use a link cloaker for this purpose or a redirect URL from your hosting service.a Good hosting service to do this with can be found at hostgator.After you have cloaked your affiliate marketing program link.You have only one more thing to do,visit sites like digg,stumbleupon and fark and submit your link.Using these under utilized free affiliate marketing tools will make you a lot more money than you thought possible.In the next article we will have a good look at some paid marketing tools.These tools might be expensive,but for generating sales they can not be beaten and we all know that sales equals money.

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