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July 28, 2002 Free Articles

7 Easy Tips to Make Time for Beauty

Need more time for ... Follow these simple tips to look your best every day.1. Take a bath or shower at night. Not only will your mornings go more smoothly but you'll have time foryour hair and

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Dialing for Dollars: How to Get Appointments with Your Best Prospects

Six months ago I ... shut my business down to refocus, rename and rebrand my company. I also needed to create a web site. Finally, after several months of ... work, I was ready for p

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7 Profitable Ways to Use Autoresponders

A visitor clicks on the link to your site and starts reading. She's ... and nearly ready to buy -- but at that very moment, the kids come back inside and she leaves the computer to tend to them,

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Selling "Ideas": How Ideas Transform Non-Buyers into Customers

A few months ago my friend was in the midst of web site ... Her son, who had just left a web design firm to start his own company, was doing the work for her. Several times she ... that I

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Perspective is Everything

"When life gives you lemons, make ... living legend turned 100 in May. He's W. Clement Stone, founder of Combined ... Company (which is now a part of Aon Corp.) and author of

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Collaboration, Not Competition

The basic ... upon which ... ... ... are built could use some ... For example, what if we asked whether ... actually have to compete for ... Does that

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