April 29, 2004 Articles

Discover The Biggest Travel Secret In The World Today - And Book A Free Flight!

It sounds like a dream doesn't it? Hopping onto a plane and taking a flight to the ... of your choice. Imagine ... your flight tickets to New York, London, Goa - or wherever takes your

Long Distance Service - Price per Minute

When are ... laws of ... no longer ... When is 4 greater than 5? When your talking about long distance service, that's when. Most long distance service ... tout their co

Four Keys to Happiness

Each human being strives to be happy. Only our needs ... and safety are ... Since most of us able ... this article have ... food, ... ... it’s safe to say that

The Dot

We have all grown up in an age where ... into dramatic new ... has become routine. We have had people travel into space to live for short periods of time. We have sent people to explore

More and More and More and More

About six years ago I began to study tai chi. When I began, I had already been studying karate for several years, but my ... ... me to add tai chi to enhance my martial arts ... ev

Falling up the Stairs

There have been a lot of really good movies made over the last several years. There are a lot of bad ones too. And while I try to simply ignore the bad efforts, I like to take lessons from those which

How to Have a Life of Satisfaction. Guaranteed!

... 100% ... or your money back! That was the promise, so you bought the product. You’ve been there! You ended up not liking it and decided to send it back. But, when you started the r

Is there enough you in your newsletter?

Is there enough you in your ... Jessica ... 2004, The Write ... the last two months, I've been taking Izzy (my ... old yellow lab puppy) to puppy class. He's learne

What to Do When You Are Chased by a Snake

I lived for several years on the Japanese island of Okinawa. It is a tropical island setting with a wealth of beauty and lots of things to do. We lived on the side of a mountain that ... the Pa

Celebrating the Couch Potato

Ah, the couch potato, that icon of American pop culture values. Isn’t that the life? Why would anyone want to exert extra energy to be ... when you can simply plop down on the couch in front of

Using Social Networks to Get Business - AKA "The Kevin Bacon Game"

Using Social Networks to Get ... "The Kevin Bacon Game"By Lois Carter FayA few years ago there was a big push toward ... ... ... creating a network of trusted business

3 Simple Sales Triggers to Hook in Your Lead & Make the Sale!

3 Simple Sales Triggers to Hook in Your Lead & Make The ... 1: Tell a story – don’t sell a ... are far more ... then blatant sales pitches. You want to interest the reader a

Fraud not taken seriously

How ... are we taking ... Card ... very, says James Tall of Tall ... a computer ... to small ... A client was recently sucked into a fraud scam and repor

It's Ugly! and Other Reasons Not to Send HTML

It's Ugly! and Other Reasons Not to Send HTMLBy Jessica ... 2004, The Write ... you noticed it too? This sudden change in email ... Lately, ... I've gotten for yea

Identifying your Niche

By Vishal P. RaoThe Internet has become a valuable source of ... ... tool for today's ... With the click of amouse you can find almost anything from products to ... the