February 26, 2005 Articles

5 Sure Fire Ways to Build a more Powerful and Pain-FREE Golf Game

Until recently being physically fit was of little concern to most golfers, but the tides of changes have recently taken hold of the golf world and only the strong will survive this tidal wave. Many of today’s golfers are not only working with instructors but they also seek out assistance from strength and conditioning coaches or personal trainers to help them improve their physical skills, in hopes of being able to blast that little white ball a few more yards down the fairway.

Facts and Fallacies of Strength Training for Golf

Various aspects of golf training have expanded rapidly, but one area of development that has caught on somewhat slowly is golf-specific strength training. Not until very recently has this specific need been addressed. As with many things, it started at the top with pros like Tiger Woods and David Duval and began to trickle down to the masses over time. Unfortunately, many golfers still live under the old assumption that strength training is detrimental. The truth is that the days of simply practicing and playing to make yourself a stronger and better golfer are from a bygone era. I am not trying to diminish the fact that ultimately golf skills are the most important aspect of golf, but improving your swing performance will only get you so far. If you want to develop into the best player you can be, you better get with the program—a strength training program, that is.

5 Myths About Sports Conditioning That Are Holding You Back: Get the Answers From An Expert

In life we are surrounded by numerous myths and half-truths, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, UFOs in Roswell, and Crop Circles just to name a few. No one quite knows if any of these things really exists or if they are just stories told by people for purposes only they know. Sports conditioning has much in common with these mythological occurrences.

Social Skills Training Can Positively Impact Your Life

In spite of many academic and professional accomplishments, many people still feel uncomfortable in social situations.

Listening Is As Important As Speaking

Are you searching for ways to improve your conversation skills?

4 Helpful Ways To Beat Shyness

Over half of all adults identify themselves as shy. Shyness can get in the way of developing personal relationships and professional aspirations.

Testament to Testimonials

We have all seen websites showcasing their testimonials either spread strategically throughout the site or all together on their own glorious page. They’re there with the intent of leading us toward that high dollar purchase or convincing us of something’s legitimacy. Sometimes we read them and sometimes we won’t. Sometimes we believe them and sometimes we don’t. Well, are they really worth all the time and effort?

Increase Your IQ Right Now

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Is the EU ready?

Most of you are familiar with the Second Coming of Christ. In Paul’s letters to the churches in Thessalonica and Corinth, he instructed them regarding...

The History of Ugg Boots

From Australia's Official Dictionary: The Macquarie Concise Dictionary - ug boot / Australian 100% merino sheepskin lined boot. Also called ugh boot , ugg boot.

Common menopausal symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats and changes in menstruation, but there are many others.

Common menopausal symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats and changes in menstruation, but there are many others.

Why Look At Mobile Homes For Sale?

Don't Call Us Trailer ... are mobile homes for sale, for much less than ... houses, in most areas of the country. Despite the ... ... against them, and ... against

March: New Moon in Pisces

On the Universal Psychic Guild Website, Astrogirl gives us the latest celebrity gossip - but with a Twist!! Using her skills as an astrologer, she PREDICTS what will happen in the lives of some our favourite and loathed celebrities.

Tales from the Corporate Frontline: Work Ethics and the Customer

This article relates to the Ethics in the Workplace competency, commonly evaluated in employee surveys. It gives examples of how employees and customers consider ethical behavior and sound values an integral part of your organization. This competency covers a variety of topics like customer treatment, employee professionalism, and expected/acceptable organizational behaviors. At a high level, this competency will investigate the standards by which your employees treat your customers, co-workers, and the organization itself.

Tales from the Corporate Frontline: The Responsibility for Job Security

This article relates to the Job Security competency, commonly evaluated in employee satisfaction surveys. This competency evaluates how your employees view their job security within your organization. In today's often volatile or contingent labor market, it's crucial to understand the level of security your employees feel about maintaining their jobs. Studies show that employees who do not feel secure in their jobs are less likely to be committed to best assisting customers. Evaluating this competency can be especially useful if your organization has suffered recent layoffs or firings.