June 10, 2005 Articles

South Florida Employees Reduce Work Hours by 15% to Care for Parents

Employees Reduce Work Hours by 15% to Care for Elderly Parents, poses problems for Employers to look for solution.

PRONTO North America ERP FaxMail Provides Professional Documents

ERP FaxMail Provides Professional Documents directly from ERP system.

MORAL ARMOR on Selfless and Unconditional Love

The Author of Moral Armor refutes the concept of unconditional love, exposing it as a shield for mediocrity, revealing the deeper cultural consequences of its acceptance and outlining the true moral foundation of human devotion.

Daffodil DB: Web Database

A web database is a database for the internet. You can get access to your data via the internet from anywhere in the world. Or, you can create a database driven website by using such databases. A web database stores large amount of information in an organized format that is easily accessible from scripting languages (like PHP).

Why Tiger Woods Golf Swing Technique Is So Effective

Golf sensation Tiger Woods’ golf swing technique has been the subject of many interesting studies.

The Impact of Golf Specific Exercise

Golf specific exercises are part and parcel of the modern day golf game. Yet many people associate golf specific exercises with exercises used in other sports and by other athletes involved in more rigorous sporting activities.

Learning To Play Golf With Fitness

Learning to play golf has now become the pursuit of both men and women of different ages. Right from the very young golfers to senior citizens as old as 80 years old or even older.

Getting Your Pro Golf Swing Right

Achieving a correct pro golf swing will not only help any golfer improve their game, but even more important, will help them enjoy their golf game much more.

How Power Play Golf Fitness Has Changed The Game

The sensational entry into the game by legendary golfer Tiger Woods, at the tender age of 20, introduced power play golf fitness into a game that had traditionally been looked at as a leisure sport where technique was much more important and necessary than any physical fitness or strength.

What Hinders You From Hitting Long Drives Will Shock You

Hitting long golf drives is the desire of every golfer when they are on the course.

The Best Golf Training Aid

The best golf training aid is pretty basic.

The Do's and Don'ts of Launching a Small Business Website

Launching a new small business website is often a long and painstaking process. And for most small businesses, the endeavor rarely ends in success. The terrain is mapped with freelancers, firms, and consultants that don’t offer the same services and most certainly don’t charge the same prices. Projects are often riddled with unclear expectations, missed deadlines, and ridiculous hourly rates. What’s worse is that many developers have the audacity to ask for even more money halfway through the project. Even after all of the hard work is complete, most companies don’t even see a return on investment.

Making the Most of Your Time

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Altshuler

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