February 14, 2006 Articles

Bird flu and Your Personal Safety

What exactly is bird flu? How real is the bird flu danger? How does it threaten people? In this article, we'll review the basics of how viruses and influenza work, and we'll learn the answers to these questions about this flu, including whether it is likely to cause a global flu epidemic.

Are you ready to be in the limelight?

Press releases have the potential to create incredible exposure. Looking beyond the linking benefits, a well written press release may land you in newspapers, TV, and radio. Quite often the top results are press releases or news articles feeding from those press releases. Some of these releases inspire me; others are empty promotion with nothing of interest to me or my site visitors. Here are some tips on the making of a great press release.

Online Registration Success: Ask Deeper Questions

Keeping your events fresh and interesting can be a major sticking point. Make the process easier by taking inspiration from the people who know what your attendees want: your attendees.

Online Registration Success: Thank Your Registrants

It's a step that's easy to forget: you've welcomed your registrants; you've given them details on your event, taken their information, offered them extras, accepted their money and confirmed their registration. But there is still an important step to take: the 'thank you.'

Online Registration Success: Give Access to Detail

Do you find people are abandoning their registrations part-way through? The solution may lie in how much detail you are giving up front.

Online Registration Success: Welcome Your Registrants In

The welcome mat: a tried and true method of telling people they are at the right place. Welcoming your guests to your event is an important part of the registration process, so make sure you're doing everything you can to make them feel that way.

Online Registration Success: Help Them Feel at Home

By now your prospective attendees know who you are, they know what your event is all about and they want to attend. Don't send your prospects running by sending them to what is obviously someone else's website.

Online Registration Success: Make Signing Up Easy

Have you ever heard of K.I.S.S.? It stands for 'Keep It Simple, Stupid.' It seems obvious that you should make it easy to sign up for your event but are you really making it easy?

Online Registration Success: Maximize Registration Time

Previously, we talked about giving yourself time to percolate your ideas into an attractive and strong registration system. But what about your attendees? In this article we give you suggestions on the next step to online registration success.

Online Registration Success: Take the Time Up-Front

In working with more than 9200 clients, we've seen some really great ways to enhance event registration. And the best thing is that with the advent of online registration systems, many of these techniques can be automated and streamlined.

Irresistible Event Registrations: How to Overcome Objections About Timing and Location

I'm sorry I can't give you better news, but unfortunately you just can't please everyone all the time. I do have a few tips for you, though, on how you can make scheduling woes a little bit better all around.

Your Thoughts Create Your Life

You have been created to live our life in freedom, health and wealth. If your life doesn’t look like that, it means you block yourself by your thoughts. Your thoughts are very powerful instruments you use to either create happiness and wealth, or sickness and poverty. Your thoughts create your life. If you want to change your life, change first your thoughts.

The four sins of advertising

Advertising is a very precise science. It finds its bases in many different fields including copywriting, psychology and even math. In recent decades, we have observed a slow but steady beautification of advertising. For marketing experts this can work. For less savvy advertisers, it is a huge pitfall that draws attention away from the much more important aspects of a successful selling proposition. Faulty advertising costs its makers billions of dollars a year, and almost all are guilty of it, even the huge corporations.

There is such a thing as perfect prints

Getting the perfect prints is just a matter of being aware that you are making them in the first place. Ink and paper.

Basic but ignored web design tips

You took the leap. You set up a website to display your important message. Bravo! As in life, first impressions are important on the web. Web research...