August 16, 2007 Articles

Leslie Knox to Appear on Bloomberg Business Television

Andrew K. Knox president, Leslie Knox is scheduled to appear on Bloomberg Business Television as the nationwide syndicated network explores the insurance crisis in Louisiana and its nationwide implications. Mr. Knox is uniquely qualified as one of the few certified public insurance adjusters licensed to practice in both the north Atlantic states and the southeast Gulf States.

Swinging vs. Polyamory - Am I Wrong to Want One Without the Other?

So you’ve been enjoying the swinging lifestyle for a few years, and are having a blast. But what if it starts growing into more than just sex with friends - or friends with benefits?

Why do People go for Home Equity Loan?

People who are earning less or have bad credit will have a difficult time getting a loan from a creditor. As a result, through home equity loan that uses the house as collateral is the only way to borrow.

ABBA, The Swedish Pop Sensation

Swedish pop group ABBA was a rage in the seventies and songs composed and sung by them could he heard everywhere, from discotheques and night clubs to...

Making Cash with Your Blog

Believe it or not, but it’s true that you can actually make money with your blog. Read on to find out more.

Female Bodybuilding Information

Because a woman has a different physiological make-up than a man, female body building involves a different series of exercises than men's body buildi...

What Makes Up the Perfect Bodybuilding Diet?

The basic components of the ideal body building diet consists of the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats and essential minerals. A...

Need a Great Idea For the Perfect Christmas Gift for Mom?

Without a doubt, the finest gift you can give to your Mother on Christmas is just your being there to celebrate with her. But, you know that your Mom ... Featured School of the Week August 12: American Institute of Massage Therapy

If bodywork and related natural healing modalities suit your liking, then the American Institute of Massage Therapy (AIMT), situated in picturesque Pompano Beach, Florida may be the right educational path for you.

Safer move by Palm Beach movers

Nothing going to stop people to be on move, it can be the job transfer or the other important purpose. For the important moving movers check list is like the solution.

Google is now attacking the media industry

Google has added a new revolutionary feature to its Google's news section. The search engine giant is giving the chance to the people who are related to a story published in Google news to directly respond to it.

I Have a Pimple!!! Now What?

Oh No! I have a job interview, my first or blind date, the prom, or I am meeting my fiancé's family for the first time and what do I see??? A Pimple! Although it may seem like it, it's not the end of the world.

Getting Stronger: How to Maximize Profits in Existing Markets

One of the most common challenges for marketers is delivering profitable growth from existing markets. Often, corporate initiatives for this purpose meet with inconsistent success at best. Then the tendency is to try to "overpower" the initiatives with resources, resulting in growth at the expense of profit. Smart Business asked Carl Cullotta, vice president and principal of Frank Lynn & Associates Inc., to address the issue of profitable growth in existing markets.

So You Want to Make A Blue Kerry Terrier Part of Your Family

Owners of Blue Kerry Terriers say that once you have owned a Kerry, you will be a Blue Kerry Terrier lover forever. These dogs make reliable and...

Bodybuilding For Fitness Tips

Here's some tips on using bodybuilding for fitness.