February 07, 2012 Articles

Are You Networking Effectively?

Research says that over 60% of people employed got their job through networking. Often, these jobs were never even advertised, making them part of the “hidden job market”. Effective networking provides your access to unadvertised jobs.

Accelerate Your Job Search with a Portfolio

During interviews, you need to substantiate some things for employers quickly before they move on to other candidates. Employers want to see as much about their prospects for employees as they can, especially evidence to back up claims on your resume about how effective you are at managing, sales, marketing, budgeting, or whatever your profession is.

5 Ways to Resolve the Age Issue in Interviews

Do you think employers are shying away from hiring you because of your age? Have you been told you’re “overqualified”? You may not be able to hide your age, but there are ways to make hiring you appealing.

Are You Unemployable?

There has been a lot in the news lately about the long-term unemployed and how employers are discriminating against them. Why are they discriminating? They believe you are “unemployable”.

Trends: The New Face of Unemployment

If you close off your job search to include traditional full-time with benefits jobs, you may be unemployed for a very long time. Employers are changing the way they hire, so you need to be open to non-traditional opportunities.

Layoff Survival 101

Following these steps can help you to retain a sense of power over your situation, the optimism of hope, and sound structure in planning your future career decisions.

A short and concise article about how to save money in the office

There are numerous ways to make office cuts within a business, to make it run more efficiently. All that are easy to impose and maintain.

Some Easy Rules to Know the Gender of German Nouns

Learn the genus to which belong the nouns in German can be a tedious process. However, some rules can help to make this easier.

Hi-Temp Bakery Wheel and Casters No Odor with Heat

Hi-Temp Bakery Wheel and Casters No Odor with Heat According to Magnus Mobility

Smart Lipo offers Improved Results and Shorter Recovery Time

Smart lipo is one of the hottest trends in cosmetic surgery. This procedure is less invasive and offers a faster recovery time than its predecessor, making it more doable for the average person.

Are You Ready to See a Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic surgery is a booming industry, where anyone can choose to get a new smile, especially when they are tired of their old one. You may not be a celebrity or be rich and famous, but there is no reason why you can't have a perfect set of teeth. Seeing a cosmetic dentist is inexpensive and many of them offer payment plans which make the process of financing more convenient for you. If you are considering whether or not you want to improve your appearance without being too drastic, explore what your cosmetic options are.

6 Star Energy Ratings and Ceiling Insulation Penetrations

In summary the new 6 star energy rating regulations will mean a change to the way builders, architects and building designers conduct their business. To ensure a smooth transition, the integration of energy ratings into your system needs to be thought out before it is mandatory.

Liftn Buddy MODEX Press Conference Tuesday

Liftn Buddy MODEX Press Conference Tuesday at Booth 1829 in Atlanta, GA

Five points to take into account when choosing an insulated garage door

If you are looking for a fabulous garage door, then we have five points for you to consider before buying a roller garage door.

Use penny auctions to buy your favourite items at an unthinkable price

First of all, has it ever happened to you when you wanted to buy something but retracted when you saw the price? It happens with all of us. Take for example an Apple iPod Touch.